commercials – still moving in the wrong direction

As I suggested in a recent interview (“Targeting Google Only Reminds the Consumer That Google is Number 1”), made some bad promotional decisions with their “algorithm” campaign.

Even though they have dropped the algorithm message recently, they still need another basic marketing lesson.Telling the consumer you are not number 1, only reminds them they should use #1. Not you.

Clearly is targeting Google in their latest ad. needs to stop trying to be Google.

However, this is not to say that can not be bigger then Google. They most certainly can, but not by trying to be Google.Google is Google, so can not be Google. You can not go back and change the past. Currently, you have nothing to offer that they do not have already.

Consumers don’t remember #2 or # 3. Only #1.

A great marketing book is “Positioning: The Battle for Your Mind“. Authors Al Ries and Jack Trout ask some interesting questions:

What’s the largest-selling book ever published? – The Bible” What’s the second largest-selling book ever published? … Who Knows? … If you didn’t get into the mind of your prospects first, then you have a positioning problem. has a positioning problem. They have to find something to be first in. Otherwise, there is first place … and everyone else.

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