Facebook Groups: How to be Successful

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Facebook is one of the most powerful social networking services currently available. Its interface and framework allow a person to spread news virally as quick as any social bookmarking service. Facebook Groups, communities of friends with similar interests, are also becoming extremely popular. But, why create a Facebook Group??? Well, Organizations and bloggers should create Facebook Groups to further promote brand presence, share news/events with their community and stimulate relevant discussion all in one spot. A prime example of an organization leveraging Facebook Groups is Contiki – through their group they share brochures, the trip/video of the week, contests, and polls to their 37,000+ members.

Tips to Grow a Successful Facebook Group:

  • The Right Configuration: Make sure you select a title, category and description that is relevant to your brand because this will entice people to join your group. I also suggest that you be as transparent as possible and offer information such as contact information, website, phone number and location. This allows group members to associate the group to an actual person rather than any old computer generated content.

    To offer a real community appeal, enable the ability for anyone to post discussions, wall posts, pictures and videos. Initially you should make the group public which allows anyone to join and invite people to the group; remember you do have the ability to remove members if needed.

  • Leverage existing Facebook Friends: It’s important to attract a strong base of members to your Facebook group, so invite existing friends that may find your group valuable and who could become evangelists for your group. This is where the viral part comes into play: your friends’ friends will notice that they joined a new group which will spark interest from them to check it out as well.
  • Use your email contacts: Don’t forget about your friends outside of Facebook because Facebook Groups provides the ability to import and send group invitations to your contacts from Outlook, Yahoo, Gmail and Hotmail.
  • Press Releases/Blog Posts are other methods which you can use to invite new members to your Facebook Group. Personally, I created a call to action and placed it above the fold which reminds my readers to join my group.
  • Keep the Content Fresh: Update your group’s Recent News, photos, videos, events and links regularly so that members have a reason to return. Another simple tactic is deploying a welcome message which greets new members and enforces the ‘human factor’ of the group.
  • Create relationships with new members: If you have a group which is open to the general public then you will notice people who are not your ‘friends’ join your group. These are the types of people are there to get a feel for the quality of the group therefore make it a habit to personally address them.

Tracking Your Group’s SuccessHere are some metrics and tactics you can use to measure the success of your Facebook Group:

  • The number of members you have in your group.
  • New members who join per day/week/month.
  • Ratio of new members to people who left the group.
  • Ratio of members who are your Facebook friends vs. not.
  • Engagement: Activity on Wall Posts and Discussion Boards.
  • Members who also accepted invitations to join your events.
  • Links posted in your group back to your blog/website should have parameters appended to them so that they can be segmented in your analytics separately.


  1. says

    Hi Daniel,

    You can’t really add your Blog to your Facebook group, but you can post a link to it on your wall, in the “posts” section or in the description of your group.

  2. says


    Thanks for the post.
    I started a group for people from my hometown and got 170 members right away. Now I am unsure how to continue, I do not live in that town anymore so I cannot publish small videotrails och pictures from there.
    What I would like to do is to create a welcome message that every new member gets. is that possible ?

    regards, Ingemar

  3. Anonymous says

    I created a Facebook group. It is Global and open to anyone to join, but when searching on the exact name of it, it does not come back in the search results.
    How do I make my group searchable?

  4. says


    Have you looked in the “customize” section and checked the box which reads:

    Show this group on the Networks page and in search results.

  5. says


    What you could do is post something on the wall or in your description. Additionally you could email a message to every member in your group.

  6. Anonymous says

    Hi, I have the same problem as Rita: I created a group on facebook and it does not show up in the search result for groups no matter if you search for only words in the title or the entire title. I HAVE as you suggest to Rita, enabled the “show this group on the networks pages and in search results”, but it does not help. Any ideas?

  7. Anonymous says

    Hi, the name of my group is (in Danish): BALLROOM TILBAGE PÅ ROSKILDE!!!
    Thanks again! :)

  8. says

    I sent a message to Facebook support:

    “A colleague of mine can’t find their group in the search results (in Facebook), the group is:


    they replied with:

    Hi Manoj,

    We are aware of the problem that you described and hope to resolve it as soon as possible. In the meantime, please note that your group should show up in searches shortly. Sorry for any inconvenience. Let me know if you
    have any further questions.

    Thanks for contacting Facebook,

    User Operations

  9. says

    Is there a way to specifically look at what new members just joined my group ?
    It tells me how many but I can’t figure out to look up who are the new members.
    I am the admin for the group.
    Thanks !

  10. says

    The best way is to go into your Facebook Group and then click “Edit Members” on the right. This will show you a list of your members in descending order of date joined (so newest members first)

  11. says

    my group isn’t coming up in search results either, only i don’t have the option in customize for ‘show this page on the networks page and in search results’ as you suggested to rita. my group is called “Ronconi-how many of us are there?”

  12. says

    Hi Kate,

    I submitted a support request on your behalf. Similar to Rita’s Group, I submitted her issue to Facebook Support and now her Group can be found in the search results (I believe it took a couple of weeks).

  13. says

    I believe what you’re looking for is a sponsored Facebook group:

    These groups are paid promotions by outside companies. The sponsor controls the look and feel of the group, but does not have access to personal information or profiles. The money from these promotions, like the money from all our ads, goes towards the Facebook’s server and operational costs. Sponsored groups help us keep the service free and fast.

    You might want to contact support to see what the cost is: http://www.facebook.com/help/contact_generic.php

  14. says

    hi, I have made a group, but would like to know if I can change the name. I click on edit and I can edit stuff like description and so on, but no the name. Is it even possible to change the name?

  15. Anonymous says

    Hi, I have a group. Had it for a few days now, but doesn;t come up in the search results. Any reason for this. Is it because it;s my group and that Im logging in.. or something else? I first thought that it needed a few days to show up but guess not. Any ideas?

    Name of group – Lets get the party started – Music Appreciation Group

    Link – http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=14293579034

  16. Anonymous says

    I was just wondering if it was possible to make the members of a group invisible? So that no one can see who is in the group and that the names are hidden.

  17. says

    Hi there, I have a group in FB and I am trying to create an event to invite the members of muy group to but since the members arent my friends it seems i cant invite them. Any suggestions? Thanks, great post! ~JC

  18. Anonymous says

    how do i make my groups event (that i created) appear in the events column of the group’s page?

  19. Anonymous says

    Hi i have created an event using that button as well as create a related event, neither event appear on my groups page? any ideas how to make it appear on that application,

  20. Anonymous says

    Hi Manoj,

    Can you tell me how I can create a link to my facebook group… similar to what you have done with your facebook icon above. when i click on in and login to facebook i go directly to your group page not my profile.


  21. says

    Hi Cherry,

    The key to doing this is to use the URL to YOUR group. Login to Facebook, then go to your group and then copy the URL of the page you’re on and link using that.

    – Manoj

  22. Anonymous says

    I have just joined an IT startup, and wish to start a group related to it.
    I also want to promote it through this group.
    Could you provide me with a few tips to make it a success.
    Thank you.

  23. mischa says


    I have a group with more than 10,000 memebers and I can no longer invite them to my event etc. Is there anything I can do?


  24. says

    I have one group that I started that is doing well. I was able to invite people to join by their e-mail address. I then started a new group but only 5 of my friends come up when I try to add members and I don’t have the option to invite people by e-mail like I did with the first group. Needless to say my new group has only me the admin. :-( What did I do wrong with this second group?

  25. says

    When I search groups they seem to be ordered by the date that they were created. Is this correct. So if I start a group with a similar name to many others, even if my group has more members, my group will not be displayed until many pages down the search.

  26. Anonymous says

    I created a group in facebook but for some strange reason, I can’t edit the group information. I keep getting an error message that says some of the information you entered is not allowed on facebook, please try again but when i’m keep trying it’s not working and I had contacted the customer service department and got no response yet.

    For those of you who had trouble searching for your group, you can go to edit group and then customize than make sure your group is enabled to be in the search box or something like that.

    My group is in the search box but I can’t edit the group information and open anymore groups.

  27. says

    For the person who left the comment about: “OurWorldTalks.” After looking at your Facebook Group I think it’s quite generic and therefore people have a hard time understanding its purpose and the benefits of joining.

    The greatest thing about a Facebook group is the ability to create a very UNIQUE experience. Something Generic (unless you’re a big brand name) isn’t going to work.

  28. says

    Crown, I don’t believe it’s alphabetical. I did a quick Facebook Group search on “SEO” and there seems to be some type of relevancy algorithm applied.

  29. says

    hey, i have a group that has been up for about a week, but i can’t get it to come up in the search results even when i type in the exact name of it. any ideas on that?

    group name: World Team
    Organizations – Religious Organizations

    thanks for any help!

  30. Anonymous says

    Is there any way to post documents to a group, as opposed to just posting a link to a document on my own server space somewhere?

  31. says

    You need to create a Sponsored Facebook Group. Your best bet is go to the help section >> Groups >> Select My question is not listed above >> submit a request to Facebook

  32. Anastasia says

    I am trying to invite a wider base of people beyond my friend profile; is it possible to invite people who are not your friends, but to search for a certain criteria? Thanks!

  33. says

    Thanks for quick response. I’ve contacted Facebook to see if they’ll change it…I don’t expect they’ll be as quick. :)

  34. says

    useful post. thanks.
    one question: you said: “Links posted in your group back to your blog/website should have parameters appended to them so that they can be segmented in your analytics separately.”
    Can you tell us more about how to do this and what parameters to use?

  35. says

    Hi Manoj

    I wrote to Facebook a week ago asking them how to add a “Yes” vs “No” voting tool and counter on my group site. This is to allow members to vote once and it will show the number of “yes” vs “no”. They sent an acknowledgment email but have not anything else.
    Can you pleas help?


  36. says

    Hi Ken,

    I don’t believe that is possible unless you have a sponsored Facebook Group.

    It would be very nice to add widgets, etc..

    Another option would be for you to send a message to all your members with a link to your survey.

    – Manoj

  37. Anonymous says

    I'm having probles with my group on facebook… my page and my group aren't showing up in the searches i do. i too have gone to customise and there is no box to tick….. how do i get someone to fix this/?? last week facebook banned me because i posted my group on about 5 other groups sites that i was affiliated with and i had to beg to get back on… i thought it was just me and i was on probation… would love to get my tjanavaras page & group showing on search engines….. please help! zoe

  38. Anonymous says

    I have created a new group few days ago and made it under global network but i doubt that it can reach people around the world outside my country…I want everyone to benefit from the info i posted in it..

    how can I make my group reach all the people around the world, any suggestions?

  39. Anonymous says

    Hi Manoj, I am another one of the many people that have created a group that can not be found be searching. I have emailed both info@facebook.com and developers-help@facebook.com, but haven’t heard anything back. Are these the correct emails for this? How long does it take to be fixed? My group name is “The Official Pink Ribbon Breakfast Group”. Also how do you delete a facebook group, I can’t seem to do this? Thanks Trish.

  40. says

    Hi Guys,

    Here are some responses to the latest questions:

    *Best way to get in touch with Facebook for help with the indexing of your group in Search Results:

    Go to the generic help form located here: http://www.new.facebook.com/help/contact_generic.php

    *Deleting a Group

    Remove all the members and then remove yourself, Facebook will automatically delete the group.

    *Attracting Members

    – Post your group on related groups (make a relationship with administrators from other Groups)
    – Publish a press release
    – Give something away for free
    – Write a blog post about it

  41. says

    we've been reporting this group "Id do Lilian Muli in the middle of Tom Mboya street…Seriously" http://www.new.facebook.com/group.php?gid=5260612662&sid=d675bb73fa2aef1706a14bee07500ab9&refurl=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.new.facebook.com%2Fs.php%3Fq%3Dlilian%26init%3Ds%253Agroup%26k%3D200000010%26n%3D-1%26sid%3Dd675bb73fa2aef1706a14bee07500ab9
    but nothing seems to happen, how many reports does it take for a group to be deleted? or is there any other way to do it.

  42. Anonymous says

    Hi, i have a group and i want to change the order. I want the photos be at first and then the members at the end. How i can change it?

  43. Anonymous says

    I just created a facebook group last week… are there any other methods other than inviting my friends to add more people to my group?

  44. says


    I would like to know about sponsoring a group on Facebook. How do I go about it? Is it really a good tool foro branding and awareness.


  45. says

    Hi guys & gals..I have created a group but I want to change the network option to global…how can I do this???…please help !!

  46. Kevin Keelan says

    Please Help!! I have a group Christian Faith Photgraphers on face book. We had about 300 members but today it shows 0 members. what can I do? who do I contact!
    Thanks Kevin

  47. says

    I made a group Mary Kay, and cannot find it on search, only when I’m in my own facebook and then when I click on it it goes to my personal facebook. when searching for it from someone’s elses facebook, it doesn’t come up, I went through all 52 pages of Mary Kay and mine was not there. Also when I get it from my groups it doesn’t have JOIN on it so no one can click join to join?? help

  48. Vishwanath says

    Is there any way we can EDIT the related groups section? (Not disable it altogether). I want a couple of groups I want to add there but not all the other groups that I have joined. Thanks,

  49. says

    Here are some answers to the latest questions:

    Deleting a Facebook Group

    You don’t have to report a group to delete it, simply remove all the members.

    Order of Items

    I don’t believe this is possible – to change the order of items.

    Sponsored Groups

    Hi Kartik – you’ll have to contact Facebook for costs: http://www.facebook.com/help/contact_generic.php

    Public or Global Group

    To make a group global, go to edit group and the customize tab. Select make group public.

    Can’t find Group

    Joey is your group public? If not, see the answer above.

    Related Facebook Groups

    Hi Vishwanth, there is actually no way to edit the “related groups”

  50. Koen says


    Help needed with the related events/groups

    1. I added a related event with the button on my group page, but the related event doesn’t show up at the group page. (in stead it shows up at my profile)

    2. I have nowhere an option to add related groups.

    Please help…


  51. says

    Hi, I am sorry that I made a mistake when I created my group. Instead of making it a global group, I made it in at sertain network. Then people in other networks have problems to join. How can I change the network into global? If that is not possible, can you then tell me how to delete my group so I can make a new one with the same name in the global network?

  52. Anonymous says

    Hi, is there a way to add more than one admins of the group? I just didn’t see how, there is no link or button to do it. I probably missed it?
    And what exactly is the difference between an admin/creator and an officer? I know in some discussion boards or forum an admin has more privileges and authorities than a moderator.

  53. Anonymous says

    Yes, there is a way to add more than one admins. Click the member tab of your group and you will see an option “make admin”. That’s it.

  54. Anonymous says

    Can you create a Facebook group without having a profile page? For example, skip the profile setup and just make a group page…

  55. says


    Thanks so much for such a valuable post!

    I actually landed on your page because I’m trying to find a “Join Facebook Group” link/widget to place on my website, as you have it displayed here. Where can I get one for my group?? I’ve been searching for a while with no luck.

    Again, Thanks!

  56. says

    I have a question…when inviting ‘friends’ to join my face book group, it says “becareful, you are reaching your limit on invites to your group”…a few friends have ignored my invite and are still on the “pending” list. How can I remove them from the Pending list so I can keep inviting other friends that would possibly join..?

  57. says

    I know how to see them pending, but some freinds have told me the ingnored the invite….and they are still on the pending list. soon I will be blocked from inviting people because I have reached my limit. So now I wish to ‘uninvite’ them cause:

    A. they have ignored the invite.
    B. I can’t see how to take them off the pending list.
    C. I want to keep inviting people that will possibly join.

    Will they forever be pending, even though they have already ignored the invite and will never join my group?? Hence, I will eventually never be allowed to invite anyone ever again!?!

  58. says

    I am creating a webpage for a class in college, I need to be able to link this website to my facebook group but when i do it goes right to the login page, it there a way to make the link so it goes right to my group. So you dont have to log in and then find the group?? Advice???

  59. says

    Akoni, when you go to “Invite People to Join” you can delete pending requests.


    I believe everyone has to login to interact with a Facebook group.

  60. Anonymous says

    Hey Manoj,
    I just made a group and when I go “invite people to join” there is no one in the list and only myself as a member. When I go “add more members” there is still a blank list and a section above it to type the name of a friend. And yes I have friends already but they arent coming up.

  61. says

    Hi guys,

    Can any1 tell me how I can add related communities to my group…

    Current scenario:
    If I check the box “Show related groups” under “CUSTOMIZE”

    The related communities shown are other communities that I’ve joined… but have no relation with the group… How can I choose other relevant communities??

    Please help.

  62. says

    Hey Jimmy,

    I don’t think you have any control over what communities show up, it’s based on Facebook’s algorithm. So as people join common groups in addition to yours, the related communities update themselves.

  63. Anonymous says


    Is ther any skins or any ways to customize the background of facebook group?
    Mayb like changing background, borders or somtin?

  64. Anonymous says

    Hi, there seems to be no way of viewing an archive of messages made to my group’s members. Is there a way?

  65. says

    1) I don’t think there are skins for groups – would be nice though

    2) Yes you can see archived messages, go to your inbox and then to sent messages. Look for messages to your group.

  66. says


    If you reach your limit of inviting friends to your group, simply send them an email with a link to your group.

  67. Anonymous says

    I started a closed facebook group account for an interest group at my company. Since it is a closed group, I must send them an invite or they must make a request to join. In order to send them an invite I realized that they must be in my friends community. However, when I add them as personal friends, they do not appear when I try to ‘invite’ them to join the group they are not visible. What am I doing wrong?

  68. says

    I am just trying out this whole Facebook stuff. I’ve created a ‘secret’ FB group, that I want to use for a certain group of people to stay in contact each other. But I don’t want to start inviting them all to be friends on my profile. Can I invite people to join the group, without them being my ‘friends’? I’ve tried the whole email thing, but they are struggling to then find the group on their page. Can anyone help?

  69. Anonymous says

    Hi, I have a group on Facebook and am having trouble with people adding my group that are not in my network but are even friends. I can’t seem to find instructions on how to make me group Global so anyone can add it. How do you this?

  70. Anonymous says

    I have just created a new facebook group page, that will be a closed group, and invited the relevant people, but when they respond they are being added to my personal profile not the group page. How do I make sure that they are only added to the group page?


  71. Anonymous says

    I am trying to figure out how to invite people from my high school graduating year. We started a group. I was able to invite everyone on my contact list. But there are several NOT on my list that I would like to invite. I do not have their email addresses. Is there a list somewhere that I can put checkmarks in to select these people?


  72. Anonymous says

    Not true. There is no way to uninvite someone once you’ve sent the invitation.

    Manoj Jasra: Akoni, when you go to “Invite People to Join” you can delete pending requests.”

  73. MnMMom says

    Hi. I am not sure if this has been asked yet but I can’t tell as far as I can see so sorry if this is a repeat! I started a “closed” group becaus we don’t want it open to the general public to see (it is a localized moms playgroup) And my Q is… do *I* HAVE to be *friends* with anyone who wants to be a member of the GROUP? Thanks in advance!

  74. Anonymous says

    I think I have seen this question 3 times yet, no answer.

    I would like to invite people that are *not friends* to join a group that I created. Is this possible without their email addresses?

    For example, a school alumni group. I know several people who have FB profiles, I was planning on using the group to lead to becoming FB friends.

  75. says

    Hi — just saw this fantastic article on “How to Create a Successful Facebook Group” — this has been so helpful as my company is going to set up a Facebook “private” Group to share information.

    Quick question — is there any “reporting capabilities” once your group is created in order to track usage?

  76. Anonymous says

    I have a question. How do you make administrators for a group? I only see the option to make officers, but i want to give admin.

  77. says

    Hi All, here are some answers to the latest questions:

    – You can't invite people to your Facebook group (within Facebook) if they are not your friend, but they can certainly join without being your friend. So you'll have to look for ways to attract them to your group. There is also the option of emailing non FB users. Look For: "Invite People who are not on Facebook via Email"

    – A Global Group is simply an open Group and in order to make it open, go to Edit Group >> Customize and select the open group option

    – There are currently no real reporting capabilities for Groups

    – You can make someone an admin by viewing your member and then selecting "Make Admin" by the appropriate person.

  78. Anonymous says

    Hi, basic stuff i know but i actually cant work out how to set a picture as the group’s main picture (the one that shows in the top right). Any help would be greatly appreciated. cheers

  79. Anonymous says


    I’m wondering if it’s possible to notify the user automatically that I have an update (e.g. link, discussion) in a group.
    If I post something in my profile, all my friend can see my update in their wall, but not in group. Is is possible to make group updates like profile updates?

  80. says

    This is helpful, thanks for posting.

    You mentioned making a welcome message to new group members. Is there a way to auto-send a message to new members?

    If not, if there a way to be notified when new members join?


  81. says

    Hi Manoj,

    How do I create a Facebook Join Group Icon like the one you have to the right of your page?

    I would like to put it on my blog so my blog readers can join my group.

  82. Anonymous says

    I would also like to know how to create a “join our group” icon like the one you have on your site. Thank you!

  83. says

    Answers to the latest questions:

    – A group's picture can be set by going to Edit Group >> Customize and then upload your image

    – Group updates will not be sent to all members automatically unless you physically email everyone through the "Message All Members" Link

    – Facebook Groups do not allow you to automatically message members nor can they notify you when a new member joins

    – Add a link to a group is easy simply find your unique URL, mine is: http://www.facebook.com/groups/edit.php?customize=&gid=4987100546

    When you are in your group simply copy the URL and link it to the image.

  84. Anonymous says

    How do I get my new group to show up on my profile page without going groups all the time?

  85. Anonymous says

    Can the administrators of a group make changes to the information? If not how can I get updated changes made to a group?

  86. Anonymous says

    Group members do not seem to be getting notified about new posts or content. Is there a way to change this ? Thanks, Randy

  87. Anonymous says

    How do I create a photo album within a Facebook group. Unlike a page, a group does not seem to have this feature.

  88. jessie says

    Hi, I’m having trouble. I want to creat a group for a business that i can have a link to from their website and the public can view without having to sign into facebook, ie not be a member, but can then join the group or just simple view the page. I am completely confused as to whether a group is what I should be creating…

  89. Anonymous says

    I was wondering if anyone knows a way to post articles to groups within Facebook (rather than just my own wall) from primary sources such as bloomberg or reuters as can be done easily in groups within Linked-In. Is this a feature that works better in Linked-In than Facebook or am I just ignorant to a work around? Solution greatly appreciated. Thanks.

  90. Anonymous says

    hello – just created a new group. It comes up when I search for it, but the option ‘Join Group’ doesn’t appear on the right hand side. Ho do I add this? thanx

      • says

        Hi there, a couple of quick questions to start:
        1) is your group open to non group members?
        2) using the invite functionality can you invite a friend to join the group and see if they can see the “join” link?

        Let us know how you get on!

  91. Danielos says

    Hello.I have 11.000 group members.I know there is a limit of 5.000 if i want to send a mass message.How can i message all of them?
    And one more question Manoj.How can i block one person from my group?
    Thank you!

  92. Blogfan says

    I want to know if there is a limit for group pending invitations.I dont want to be illegal(although we cant control it).The pending invitations have reached almost 5.000 persons.

  93. Anonymous says

    Hi, I also started a group and cannot find it when I search for it, nor can I find the place to submit comments to FB. The name of my group is Recovering the Promise Ministry.

  94. says

    I was wondering if theres any way of changing the owner of a group, a friend of mine did the group to promote my blog when i didnt have a facebook user. Now im running the blog alone, and the group alone as well…but he still appears as “owner”…


  95. Anonymous says


    Great article. However, it is lacking one thing- directions orinstructions on HOW to create a group. I can’t find this on facebook either.


  96. Anonymous says

    I’ve created a group for sharing “business ideas” therefore don’t want it public, only by invite. But so far any invitee has to be a “friend” which neither party wants either. Is there some way to have my business group separate from my personal site without it being public?

  97. Anonymous says

    hi, i just created a group, “seat of the soul”. i wanted to make it for self expression mainly. poetry, movie comments,anything. but so far ive had like 10 members. none of which left a comment on the wall or discussion board. i dont understand why people are so disinterested. pleae take a look at it and tell me what im doing wrong. id apprecite it

  98. Anonymous says

    Is there anyway I can bring a video up to the top part of the page? Many people are not seeing it becuase you would have to scroll to see it.

  99. Anonymous says


    I’m having the same trouble as everyone else! I made a group and it doesn’t show up. I thought maybe my group was subject to evaluation first. And, just like the others, I didn’t get the option in the ‘customize tab’ to “make my group appear in search results”. Maybe it’s a glitch in the new facebook. Anyway, I submitted the error repot (I think a lot of people are doing this as the error report form is no longer working, must be overloaded.) Hopefully it will be up soon!

  100. says

    Some Answers

    If your group doesn't immediately show up in the search results it's likely because your group is too new or it's not an "open group" – Hundreds of groups are created everyday and Facebook doesn't have the ability yet or probably doesn't want to insert NEW groups into their search results.

    I can only imagine how many inactive groups there in Facebook which have ZERO activity. If I were Facebook I too would want to see how a group grows/expands before adding to the search results.

    Customizations: You currently cannot move around different components of your group.

    Members: You cannot see them in alphabetical order BUT if you go into Edit Group >> Officers, then you can see the entire list. From there you can copy, paste to Excel and Sort.

    Group members don't get notified of content unless the admin emails them the updates or the members physicaly check the group.

    The Customize section is under "Edit Group" from the right navigation.

  101. says

    I am a group creator but I can’t send message to all members because the message option is not there even if I make event it’s not send to all members.Plz help me how can I over come this problem.

  102. says

    I have a face book group & I am a group creator but I can't send message to all members because the message option is not there in group even if i make a event it's nor also send to all members.Plz tell me how can I over come this problem…?

  103. Anonymous says

    Is there a setting on groups to notify people when you have a new wall post, or do they just have to log onto your group to see new wall posts?

  104. Pat says

    my group isn’t coming up in search results either, only i don’t have the option in customize for ‘show this page on the networks page and in search results’ as you suggested to rita. my group is called “Tayyar Halifax (Canada)”


  105. says

    1st…Thanks for all your help! Clearly people are contacting you rather than FB support.

    So me too…do you know if there is a way to insert HTML code into either a topic or wall post? For example I have a group “The Children’s Author Academy” for participants in a class I am teaching. I want to give them resources and would love to use my affiliate Amazon links. It would be great if it could be the widgets that you can create on AMazon-but they are html code and I can’t figure out how to or if you can insert them. Also my group http://groups.to/iloveyoumore for my book-It would be nice to put the HTML coded widget/link there too.

    author, NY Times Bestseller,
    I Love You More

  106. says


    Is there a way I can share the "advanced wall" kind of application on the group?

    1) Friend come to the group page
    2) Friend post photo with comment
    3) Another friend post comment on it
    4) We can share this post as blog


  107. says

    When I post new photos on my group in does not alert my members?

    Is there a setting I need to turn on for it to send out alerts to members?

  108. Anonymous says

    i created a group "PURPOSE DYNAMITES", but there was no "Join this group" option on the highlights side of my friends' wall

  109. says

    Is it possible to add a graphic banner and html elements to a facebook group page. I want to use it for my band. Any ideas? We're planning on using facebook's promote feature to announce our new cd and get some new fans Any advise is greatly appreciated.

  110. says

    Some Answers to the latest questions:

    – Laura, you cannot inject HTML into a Facebook Group (I wish you could too)

    – ETHF Music, you can only add graphics 2 ways: First as your groups main image, Secondly in your photos section

    – Bob, posting pictures doesn't automatically send updates to members – unless you actually send them a message letting them know you've updated.

    – If your group isn't showing up in results, it will eventually. Facebook is sometimes slow to index a recently created group.

  111. Carrie Louise Brewer says

    Hi, I guess I am just like alot of others on here…I cannot find my facebook group in search, and so the group is not showing to anyone except people I invite. The group is called "Lifelong fans of Michael Jackson remember the man and the music". Thank you in advance for any help you can give me. And I would not be a good group leader if I did not extend an invite to all who are reading this to join my group. If you cannot find the group yet, send me a message on facebook "Carrie Louise Brewer" with "MJ Group" in the subject line, and I will send you an invite for the group.

  112. Nathalie Zeidan says

    I've created recently a group about my photography business "nathalie zeidan photography" but can't seem to change the order of the pictures I'm adding.. It's very important to me to be able to do it coz I've arranged my pictures into categories.. Any help?
    thx :)

  113. says

    i had a group for 6 months that has worked fine. on sunday july 12th it stopped showing up in search results. this is really frustrating. the name of the group is "Live, Laugh, Love Photography" there is another group with a very similar name however thier name has no commas. thank you for any help you can provide.

  114. says


    How do i add facebook logo/link of my group to my website.. i understand how to paste the code, but cant find the correct code.


  115. Anonymous says

    I have set up a group and invited friends but their profiles and all their comments/photos on going on my profile instead of the group's profile. Can anyone help me?

  116. Anonymous says

    Hi Daniel,

    A week ago, I started an open group and I want to change to a closed group. Is there a way to make this change and keep all the existing members so they don't have to rejoin?

    I tried to change to "closed", but immediately went back to "opened" because all the members were locked out and told they must request to join. They were, however, not given the option to request membership. Later, the group disappeared completely from the search. What should I do?

  117. mgw says

    Is there a way to create a FB group by sending out invites to all those people who live in a particular town or geographical area. I'd rather not pay for an Ad

  118. Anonymous says

    Please HELP!!! This is driving me nuts. On my facebook page on the left it lists my friends. However, I can not see there photos. One day I was playing around and clicked on something and now I can't get their pictures back. Any ideas please I will listen.


  119. Olena says

    Manoj! You have a ton of great info out here. Can you help me?

    I created a group that is not global. I want to be able to control who is in the group. I want to be able to send Event invitations to the Group, that do not show up in the news feeds of all of my friends in my normal User Profile. I must be doing something wrong with the settings!

  120. Anonymous says

    Is there a way to see who brought you new members? ie, who suggested the connection, who was connected to who, etc?

  121. hady hoyek says

    hey i need some help my group is used for pimping friends in the group ( mafia war ) but the problems when i pimp someone the post appear on my wall not on the fans wall so what should i do to fix this problem

  122. Anonymous says

    I created a facebook group but everytime I post on the group page it puts it on my personal page and I don't want that because the group info does not apply to all my friends and I don't want them notified every time I post to the group page.

  123. Anonymous says


    I was wondering if there are any ways to invite everyone in a certain network to join your group/event? I've recieved invites from people who aren't friend with me before, and I'm not sure how they do this.

  124. says

    I've created a group profile for our event Group which is part of a beachclub (also having a fanpage with a large number of fans). Unfortunately you cant invite all of them at once to join this group…

    What is the best strategy to expand your group when virility isn't working for a group? Looking forward to some useful feedback!

    Thanks in advance,


  125. Anonymous says

    I'm looking for a way to update my RECENT NEWS in my global Facebook group and don't see how I can do so.

  126. says

    We created a FB group for our juggling club and it does show up in search results if the user types the name of the club (Assabet Valley Juggling Club). We happen to be in Massachusetts However, we would like people to be able to find it if the type for example "juggling MA". Is there a way to add keywords to your group such that people can find it without knowing the name of the group? Seems like an obvious feature… but I don't see it anywhere.

  127. Anonymous says

    My group has nearly 2,500 members and i have created a related event but i cannot invite my group memebers to the event. i am sure that i was allowed to for the last event i did, which was quite recently. please advise.



  128. says

    i started what i thought was a group, but it was really for fans only. So now i started a group. is there a way to link them??? So from the fan page you can become a member of the group?
    Also, when things are posted on wall, discussion or pictures, does this show up for all the group members? if not, is there a way to change the setting for that?
    you wrote that the group can become too big to send messages to everyone. how big is too big?
    can a group be linked to twitter?

  129. says

    Hi Manoj–this discussion is so helpful. I don't know if I missed it, but I started a group for a class I teach and I'd like to post items with the "Share on Facebook" widget in my bookmark toolbar (that would be so easy compares to other ways I've used on other databases) but I don't want to share it through my personal Facebook site. Any hints?

  130. Anonymous says

    thank you for starting this discussion. I created a group in facebook. is there a way wherein group members would get messages posted on the group's wall , also posted in their wall?
    Thank you

  131. dolly's says

    hi, i have created a group and i have added people from my email,
    can someone tell me how can add more people whom i dont know and even i dont have their email address can i invite anyone to join my group if so then how…

  132. Anonymous says

    Does anyone know why some groups' URL is their groups name, and others come up as a ton of numbers and symbols?
    I want to promote my organization's group but find it annoying for me, and anyone wanting to write it down, that it's a bunch of random numbers & not just "facebook.com/group/"name of my group". Do you have to be sponsored or something to be able to have just your group's name?
    My group does come up in the search, but it's many pages in and it would seem much easier to get to specific groups if the name was in the URL. Any advice would be much appreciated!:) Thanks!

  133. says

    I want to create a "global" group so anyone can join. I don't see where the option to specify this is located when I follow the steps under "Create a New Group". Any help available? Thanks.

  134. says

    Anyone can join your group even if they are in a different region. I have a group called Painted Diaries and we have people from all around the World. You just can't specify "Global" as your location, you'll have to be more specific. Hope that helps!

  135. Anonymous says

    Is there a way to create a group anonymously where your name does not show up as "creator" or "admin" ? Is there a special setting or do I need to create a new user account with a fictitious name ?

  136. Chris Splendoria says

    I am the admin of a group that has been mentioned in the NY times and on Good Morning America, however my full name does not show up next to 'group creator.' I fear that I'm not able to be contacted if anyone wants to get a hold of me… Help!



  137. says

    Deleting a group –
    [From the Facebook help]:
    How do I delete a group? How do I close a group?
    Our system automatically deletes groups once they're empty (no members…
    Our system automatically deletes groups once they're empty (no members). If you created the group, you can delete the group by removing all members and then yourself. Note that if you were not the first admin and creator of this group, you will not be able to delete the group unless the group creator has left it voluntarily.

  138. says

    Hi Manoj,

    what is it better to market a band? a group or an artist page?
    i have all 3: personal profile, fans page & group… whould i focus in one? i normally send updates and information in all but is quite time taking…
    is it possible with the friends adder elite to add fans instead of friends?


  139. says

    HI, my sister recently started a group, but whatever she posts in the group page shows up on her regular page, is that the norm? or can she separate the posts somehow?

  140. Anonymous says

    Hi Manoj Jasra,

    My name is Tyler, I started a group a couple of months ago, how do I update the group status all that happens is I post a wall post? Thank you for the help

  141. says

    hi there.. im vanna, i made a facebook group for my college friends and when i started to look for the place where i can upload our pictures.. it doesnt have.. when i go to the customize and click on to the boxes.. i will go to our group's profile and click on the "plus" sign tab.. but it always go back to the previous page profile with only wall and info.. and also when i go back to the customize.. there are no marks on the boxes where i checked before.. what can i do?? is there a problem on my group?

  142. Anonymous says

    Help me …
    I'm unable to make members of my facebook to officer because searching in 'make officers' tab does not show any result for some member. But those members are active
    and regularly post comments.

    If i search using portion of a user name then sometimes a numbers of results are there but i'm not getting the required one.

    What can i do now?
    Are those members privacy restrict it?


  143. Anonymous says

    when posting events for my bands facebook group it comes up with my name rather than the name of my band/group. how do i get it to publish events from my group rather than from me? thanks, Jo.

  144. Anonymous says

    As a group admin, can I see the profiles or information to visitors (not members) of my group?

  145. Rayne says

    Okay. I have a group designed to support a friend going to Florida for an audition, and I'd like to link a Paypal Donate button into the "info" screen. How can I set it up so that the button will show up instead of just the HTML code?

  146. Anonymous says

    I am an admin in a facebook group for a society, and as the new president, have been made an officer. However, I want to be the first officer on the list (so that people know to contact me, not my predecessors). However, the problem is that the 'move up' and 'move down' buttons are not working: when I click on them, they take me back to the group, or to facebook homepage. Any ideas why?
    Thanks :)

  147. Anonymous says

    How come when you join an open group, it is not on that person's recent activity anymore? That is one way I got new members.

  148. Anonymous says

    I made a group, is there anyway to make a post that is shown as posted by the group itself instead of me(the admin)

  149. Anonymous says

    Hello! I just created a Group but members aren't allowed to comment or like other members comments. Only "flag". Please help!!

  150. says

    I'm the Admin of a Group. I'd prefer if posts that I make (wearing my Admin hat) would have a different pic than my personal profile pic. Is there a way to achieve this? I know when creating a Page it can be done.

  151. says

    Hey Rebecca,

    If you have a list of the parents' emails, you can invite by email address, else, you they have to be your 'friends'.

  152. says

    How do I invite people who are not my friends to join a secret group? I have tried using "Invite People to Join" – – and then "Invite People via Email" – – and populating their email in the associated box. However, this doesn't appear to be working…

  153. says


    You are correct. The invite by email is not functioning. The invite doesn't even make it to the spam folder. Facebook developers seem to lack resources or competence. grrrr >:(

  154. says

    Hi Manoj, I would like to start off by saying thank you for being so resourceful! This has helped me a lot with a group I created for my marching band. We have a website, and I wanted to link my facebook group to my band's website, but I'm not completely sure how. I read your post to Cherry about it, but I am not the best with this sort of stuff. Do you know if Facebook offers like a premade code that I can copy and past onto my website, or do you know where I could find one?

    • Mark says


      This link to your group works fine if you are logged into facebook. What if you wanted to show your group contents to someone who is not a facebook member. This link will take you to the standard facebook create an account page. Is there a direct link to your group contents to show no matter if you are logged in or not?

      – Mark

  155. Anonymous says

    I started a closed group for my family. Some haven't responded to the invites yet. Any way to 're-invite' them, or cancel the invites, then send out new invites. It's been long enought now that the original invites have been deleted from their mail.

  156. Roberto Fodde says

    Hi there.
    I am president of a Facebook Group that have now 100 thousand plus members and I want to retrieve the list of the members but I cannot.
    in Edit members Anyone know how to simply do it?
    Also I cannot contact directly all members because there is a limit of 5000 people. It must be a way to contact directly (not posting a comment in the wall) all your members at the time. Any suggestions?
    Roberto Fodde

  157. says


    i created a group and i think it was a new feature, for an email address. but i realised there's a mistake in the email address as in it should be named something else. I am able to rename the whole grp but it seems like there is no way to edit the email address?? this is impt cos this group is for an official purpose… i really wish someone can help me with this… if you know the answer, pls respond!! thanks a million!!

  158. Anonymous says

    Hi Manoj Jasra,

    I also have the same problem as Rita:
    I also created a group on facebook and it does not show up in the search result for groups no matter if you search for only words in the title or the entire title. And I have also done as you suggested to Rita (enabled the "show this group on the networks pages and in search results"), but it does not help.

    I would truly appreciate assistance here…
    Thanks so much (on behalf of my students, too!)


    Friday Film at the ALC

  159. Anonymous says

    Hello, is it possible to make people add photo's to the group?
    I want to start a group where people can participate and add photo's

  160. Anonymous says

    A friend of mine has recently left a group that I've created called ellines modena .now that she wants to rejoin the group she can't find it in search.(although the name of the group appears in search when others want to join).I cannot add her in the group's list because she left and facebook does not permit me to add her again.she does not appear to be blocked.what can we do. because if she can't find the group it's impossible to reapply.
    Thank you
    geo geo

  161. Anonymous says

    As the "administrator" of a specialized Camp group there NEEDS to be a way to be able to invite people (campers and staff) to your group!
    #1 these are people who you know are on facebook but don't know about your camp group

    #2 you are not friends with them(but others in the group are)

    #3 you do not have their email or access to their info to get their email.

    #4 you don't have a blog to advertise it

    verry aggravating! please talk to the powers that be about this problem!
    thank you

  162. Anonymous says

    Manoj, can you tell me how to copy and paste a link on my group page? When I "share" it doesn't spread from my personal page to my group.
    Thank you for your help

  163. Anonymous says

    So I seem to have the same problem as everyone else…I have a group but there is no way to link the group so that I can send it out in an email and post it on my blog. the group name is Greater Boulder Greens Discussion Group but it doesnt come up in a search like our Page does…can anyone help??

  164. Anonymous says

    Hi Manoj,

    I've created a group but now I'd like customize the layout so that I can have a wall, photo albums and in general just have a clearer layout.

    I cannot see how to do this….although other groups that I belong to have achieved this.

    Please help.

  165. Lindsay says

    Hi There

    I have created my group and I am wondering – to invite people do I have to type them in one by one? Am I missing something?
    Thanks for your help!

    • admin says

      Hi Lindsay,

      With the old style of groups you could add more multiple friends at a time to invite, add multiple email addresses or even import email addresses. However if your group is in the new style then unfortunately it does appear to be a case of adding one friend at a time. I’ve included this link from the Facebook Help centre https://www.facebook.com/help/?faq=18849.

      I’d recommend looking at the number of friends you want to invite and the purpose of the group, if it is for a local group you may want to hand out a flyer or perhaps include your group’s URL in your facebook status update. Hope this helps.

  166. Tanja says

    facebook help needed: how come that some of the organizations I’ve Liked/friended only show up on my iphone mobile application and not here, on my laptop?

    • admin says

      Hi Tanja,

      Seems like there’s been a few bugs relating to Facebook and the iphone app, most of the ones I’ve read about relate to posts not showing from the iphone app.

      It’s not clear from your comment if you mean that the updates are not showing in your news feed or if it is not recording that you have actually liked the page – but either way it sounds like a bug worth reporting back to Facebook. Check out this link to see the iphone app page and to submit a bug report. https://www.facebook.com/help/?faq=15527

  167. luli says

    I have a group on facebook but I don’t have any ideas for suggest (friends) buton in this group
    Please help me !

    • admin says

      Hi Luli, are you meaning the suggest to friends link? This is only available against pages, but in groups you do have the ability to invite your friends to the group. You can access that through the right hand side column when you are looking at the group members and it’s called “Add friends to group”. Hope this helps, but please let us know if your query is about something else!

  168. STUART says

    I started a group to allow local people to buy, sell,swap or ask for anything.
    My members are wondering why they don’t get a message on their own walls to say they have posted ?
    Due to the large amount of members (2200) their posts move down the list rapidly and they have to spend ages scrolling to find their own ad if no one replies.
    Please help

    • says

      Brilliant idea Stuart. I had a look at how the groups where I am a member and not an admin behave. When I post to a group I see it in my newsfeed rather than on my wall, so yes if the group’s wall is busy and my own newsfeed is active then it will be moved down both lists.

      Perhaps you could create a discussion topic for each type of item e.g. household items…but that may get really messy to admin, another alternate is to comment against everyone’s post, but again that’s very admin heavy. Open for ideas from anyone else running a similar group with ideas on how to solve Stuart’s challenge.

  169. says

    i wanna know that how can we send links tu ours groups tu other where is dis url stuff in group tu copy link

    • says

      Hi Anuj, do you mean you want your group to be able to send other groups links? Groups are intended for interaction among the other members of that group rather than interacting with other groups. You may want to check out Pages as with a Page you can interact with other Pages.

      Come back to us if this is not what you meant.

  170. brosie spool says


    I have created a facebook group, but I can’t figure out how to create a link to it from my profile page. In other words, when friends access my profile, there is currently no link for them to join my group. How can I create such a link?


    • says


      Well you can invite your friends to join the group. If it is a new group, then just look to the right hand side and you will see a link “Add friends to group”, this lets you invite individual friends to join.

      The other action you could take would be to take the group url and paste that into your profile info as your web page; but make sure you are aware of your group and your own privacy settings in case you are showing this information to users who you would rather not see about your group. You can learn more about your personal privacy settings with our short video guide about keeping personal and business Facebook activities separate.

      Hope this reply helps!

  171. Lucie says

    I have a group on facebook but it doesn’t display the admin on the sidebar. How can I show who are the admins?

    • says

      Hi Lucie, I know in the old style groups it was much clearer who was the admin and officers.

      Although you can see the role “Admin” underneath their photo when viewing group members it is not always easy to spot so one option could be to include the names of your admins in the description field of the group. When a member clicks to view the members or a non member finds the group this information will be displayed.

      Let us know how you get on if you try this!

    • says

      I had another idea over the weekend Lucie, you could create a document showing the names of the admins and explaining the preferred way to get in touch with them. The document would always show at the right hand side of your group…so you just have to choose a title that is clear for your users.

  172. Jeff Budish says

    Is there any way to show the description of the group at the top of the group page at all times?

  173. Marklyn says

    I have a FB group with about 300 people and a couple of business want to advertise to the member. How can I do that through FB/ I would like to use an FB ad on the right side of the page…. is this possible?

    • says

      Hi Marklyn! No this is not possible, Facebook’s aim with the new groups style is to for smaller groups of individuals to connect around common interests rather than target the group members with adverts.

  174. Robert Jordan says

    Is there any way to close a post? As In after a topic has been discussed you can Block the post from being commented on anymore?

    • says

      Hi Robert, no I don’t believe you can close topics posted on the discussion board. You could do a final post to the topic advising that it was closed and future posts would be deleted, but spending your time checking the posts wouldn’t be a good use of your time.

  175. vpchic says

    How can I connect my facebook GROUP to my Joomla website. I see an extension for adding a facebook page but did not find one for a group.

  176. Megan Moreaux says

    hey there, is there a way to put an events calendar on my facebook group page? i don’t want to create an event for every event because we have birthdays and events and bible studies everyday to post, we just want a calendar where everyone can go to our group page and see all the events for the month….

    • says

      Hi Megan, well you could make a calendar page in a document and upload that to your group docs. It wouldn’t invite the members but everyone could look at the events for the month and then you could remove it once you were into the next month? Come back and let us know how you got on!

  177. dan says

    i made a facebook group and it comes up on the sidebar of my home page but it doesnot comeup in the search box andi dont know why! any help on howi can make it show up in the search ?!

    • says

      Hi Dan, I’ve had this happen to my groups too but as long as you’ve not set your group to be secret it will show up in the search bar eventually. Just continue as planned, invite your members and start using the group.

    • says

      Hi Wes, The link you included isn’t taking me to your group as it wants to take me to the edit page…but I’m guessing your group is the avtriclub so my response is based on that closed group that I see in Facebook. My first thought is to change your group’s privacy settings, you have it just now as a closed group and the ones I’m seeing in search engine results seem to be open groups. Good Luck and let me know how you get on!

  178. says

    I have a few groups on FB. One is Jewish Genealogical Society , Inc (NY). Write-ups of our monthly meeting lectures are posted as Docs with no problem. I also administer Jewish Roots in Paterson,. Since the groups were updated, we can’t find the old discussuion topics anymore.

    More important, I tried to add a document but it never stays. I didn’t want to just put it on the wall because it soon is buried under numerous other posts. Why doesn’t the written document remain under Docs? I had some links in it. Is that a problem? … altho we also have them in the NY Genealogy group too. Please tell me how to be sure it stays there.

    Thanks for any help you can offer

    • says

      Hi there Roni, I’m taking it that your groups were migrated over from the old to the new design? In the Facebook help centre, this topic talks about what happens when a group is migrated over https://www.facebook.com/help/?page=18966. Unfortunately it appears that previous group discussion threads will become wall posts.

      On the documents questions, I’ve seen some questions on Facebook where the documents become empty, and Facebook have reported a “Known Issue” where the See All link that you get in the docs section of groups isn’t showing any of the existing group docs so it may be that. It wouldn’t hurt to fill out a bug form to report this back to Facebook, you can get to the form through this link: https://www.facebook.com/help/contact.php?show_form=groups_bug

      Best of luck, please come back and let us know what happens!

  179. Sujitha says

    A member I want to delete from a Facebook Group is not showing up on the members list. And he keeps taunting and abusing the group asking us Admins to remove him, which we can’t because he is not showing up on the member list. And it seems like he is adding more vicious members to the group now and they are abusing members. The admins have reported to FB and when we block them we are not able to see their posts but the remaining group members can, and it’s even tougher then! What is happening?

    • says

      Hi Sujitha, we’ve a couple of suggestions for you.
      – ask the remaining group members to help you in reporting the abusive posts and keep them aware of the steps you are taking to clear your group of the abusive members
      – check your admin list, are you all there or has one of the abusive members gained admin permissions?
      – change the settings of your group to closed, even if this is only for a short while e.g. a few weeks, it means that new members have to be approved before they can join, but this next bit is important, when you are doing this look to see if you can see a box that appears below the privacy drop down, the title of the box is “only admins can approve requests to join”. If you see it, check it
      – if you are banning these group members they shouldn’t be able to find your group, join it or post. It’s maybe worthwhile checking if these members are listed in the banned member list. If they are, then keep reporting back to Facebook as it sounds like something’s gone wrong

      Best of luck with this, let us know if our suggestions help.

  180. tee says

    Hi I have just signed up to facebook and I want to make one of those request to join groups, how do I do this please?. I know on the side it says create group, but is this the same as a members group for the public etc . I am not planing to have any friends on my facebook but want to make a group , how can I do this please?

    • says

      Hi Tee, It is a group, but in the settings the group has been set to be a “closed group”, if you look at Facebook’s help topics on groups you can learn more about this here . We recommend that you also check out the information about Facebook Pages as these may be more suitable for your needs.

  181. Christine says


    I have a facebook group that I would like it to be converted to a page or show a link to the two. How do I go about it?
    I am doing this because I was unable to create a donate button in the group page. I was unable to add the static fbml app to the group. Any help would be appreciated.
    I would of course prefer to migrate to a page as it would help in many ways.
    The group link is http://www.facebook.com/groups/22625148444/ and the page that I have created with no fans yet is this http://www.facebook.com/pages/OrphanAid-Africa-Switzerland/151420014944756?skip_nax_wizard=true

    • says

      Hi Christine,

      Groups are intended for smaller gatherings like friends and family and have less functionality than pages, as you can see with the causes application that you have on your website, so my personal opinion is that you are right to migrate over to a page. We took the same decision when Facebook started upgrading Groups, you can read about our experience in this post.

      Unfortunately there is no automatic migration from a group to a page so you have to do this manually, but as your group is still relatively small it’s worth while taking this action now rather than later. Use the wall posts, email functionality to let your members know that you are moving over to your new page and you should see your members start to like it.

      Good Luck with your Cause!

  182. says

    Hey all i have a group named Boxing Predictions/Discussions but it doesnt show up on the search for groups much like ritas problem i have set it to open aswell

    • says

      Hi Rob,

      I was able to find the group once I’d already viewed it through your link, so think it may just be a case of getting your parents to use the link. It didn’t look as if your parents were members of the group, if not then you probably want to send them an invite and that should then get the group showing up in their left hand side navigation column as well as coming up in their searches.

      Your group is still new and with not many members which is why I think it isn’t being returned in searches.

      Hope this helps, but let us know if our suggestions work!

  183. louis says


    I have 12 different groups on facebook, with over 7000 members in total. I have been on holiday came back and all my groups have been archived, is their anyway of getting them back?
    or have I lost everything???

    • says

      Hi Louis, sorry to hear that – especially when it’s happened while you’ve been on holiday! I’ve posted a link to the Facebook helpdesk topic about what is included/not included in an archived group. While Facebook advises that you can add new members, you’ve still lost all the existing members, recent news and some of your group information.

      I haven’t heard of anyone getting their group un-archived, but if anyone has, then please come and let us know!

      You say you had 12 different groups, it may be time to review each group and see what is the best route going forward. I’d posted earlier this summer when we had realised that our group was going to be archived and we took the jump to move over to a page. Not every group member has followed us across but we still think it was the right decision, rather than trying to get Facebook to let us upgrade to a new group or get archived.

      Do come back and let us know how you get on with your groups, have any members re-joined or asked you about it?
      Best of luck!