Authority Sites – Find One After Another Effectively with Traffic Marks

By Amir Ahmad

With the social media revolution wrecking creative, and innovation-driven chaos, and Google constantly improving its search engine ranking methods, the SEO game has never been more rapidly evolving. The good news is, there are time-tested SEO techniques which are effective but until recently not very quickly applicable.

Authority Site After Authority Site – Powerful Incoming Backlinks

One such effective technique is getting incoming backlinks from authority sites. In fact, studies show that just one link from these sites is more secure in getting first page position than 100 different incoming backlinks from unknown websites!

This is where Traffic Marks comes in and makes the process faster.


Traffic Marks hones in and pinpoints these authority sites so you know exactly where to focus your link building efforts. It is the quickest, easiest way to find the best sites to get links from. Best of all, it’s completely FREE – for now.

Ultimate Ease of Use

Using the tool is easy, here’s the simple 3-step process:

Step 1 » Identify the keyword you want to rank on Google for.

Step 2 » Use Traffic Marks to find out what backlinks the top 10 search results in Google have in common.
Step 3 » Identify the key authority sites for your chosen keyword phrase. Using this information, formulate a strategy to obtain links from them and effortlessly cruise to the front page of Google.


  1. says

    TrafficMarks is great, but it would be even better if one could choose a country (e.g., etc). For us europeans it's somewhat limited at this point.

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