Expedia Implements Baynote: Recommendations and Social Search

Baynote, Inc., the leader in recommendations and social search, today announced that Expedia, is using Baynote Social Search to complement the site’s existing travel booking engine. Baynote Social Search refines search results, based on what other searchers have found most useful or most interesting. Now Expedia® customers are able to use organic search terms to find travel inspiration, trip planning tools and the information they need to help them plan the perfect trip.

“Baynote’s Social Search technology is a great fit for Expedia because the collective input from our millions of monthly visitors constantly improves the relevance of the search results,” said Tom Taylor, director of strategy for Expedia.

While travelers have long been able to browse Expedia.com for information of specific types of trips, such as golf or beach vacations, the new search box in the upper right-hand corner of the site enables them to enter innumerable travel-related search terms. For example, one Expedia customer may search for something very specific, such as ‘San Diego beachfront hotels,’ while another may enter a broader query, such as ‘beach vacation.’ Though the queries are different, the customers may actually be looking for the same thing.

“Baynote’s search application supports Expedia’s efforts to continually improve their customers’ experience,” said Jack Jia, CEO for Baynote. “We are thrilled to be working with the online travel industry pioneer, and our work with Expedia represents Baynote’s focus on delivering value to the travel industry.”


  1. Anonymous says

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  2. Chris says

    Me.dium recently released a search engine that can be used in similar way on the entire internet, not just on Expedia. It uses past searches and click streams to produce the most relevant results for a user. The more people involved the better the results. To start influencing results try downloading one of their social toolbars or sidebar.

    Me.dium’s Social Search, which leverages the Yahoo! Search BOSS platform, provides an entirely new level of information on top of traditional search. Me.dium’s Social Search harnesses the activity of the crowds to let you find information that has relevance based on what people are actually surfing right now.

    Me.dium’s technology lets the inherent activity of real people – not robotic crawlers – determine relevance. Me.dium’s Social Search results show what people are surfing and find interesting, right now. While other search engines base relevance on how content links across pages, Me.dium’s Social Search shows you the most popular news, reviews, pictures and videos that other people are actually looking at in relation to your search term. And as the activity of the people online changes, so do the search results.

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