BooRah: Semantic Restaurant Search

BooRah is a restaurant search site that employs NLP to extract sentiment from the wide swath of online reviews across the Internet, bringing to you the bad (“Boo”) and good (“Rah”) aspects of a restaurant.

The BooRah platform uses patent-pending Natural Language Processing technology to generate quantitative scores for domain specific attributes from plain English text, automatic summaries from most relevant user sentiments and enables a highly customizable search based on personal preferences. This technology can be extended way beyond restaurants and will revolutionize the concept of business and service search.

Review coverage & Ratings:

BooRah aggregates reviews form a wide variety of sources – blogs, local newspapers, consumer review sites, and professional critics. Each review is semantically analyzed and sentiment references to food (specific dishes, taste, presentation), service, and ambiance are collected. Such type of content analysis helps consumers customize their searches and provides relevant results for long tail queries. E.g when you search for good “Pad Thai in San Francisco”, the system essentially gives you a list of restaurants with the most number of positive references for “Pad Thai”, not just keyword matches for “pad thai”.

Here are a few other examples of long tail queries that rank highly in top search engines: best foie gras San Francisco, best calamari Palo Alto, best deep dish pizza in Chicago. Such content pages not only rank highly in major search engines, they can also be used to enhance their organic search results. For instance, BooRah’s award winning SearchMonkey application enhances organic restaurant search results on Yahoo. With BooRah’s SearchMonkey application added to your profile, you will notice an enhanced result for links within Yahoo search results. Here are a couple of examples:

BooRah also offers a browser search plugin to make restaurant search even easier. Simply install our plugin and turn your browser into a restaurant search engine.

Accurate ratings for food, service, ambiance and concise representative summaries also enable an optimized mobile browsing experience. Mobile users can simply browse to to experience our simple, yet very effective mobile optimized site.

SMS search: Text “boorah your search term” to 4INFO (44636) to receive results via SMS E.g.: “boorah pho mountain view”

Utility links

We have aggregated hundreds of thousands of useful links so you don’t have to go looking for restaurant discounts, online reservations, or menus. See for yourself: reservations in Palo Alto, discounts in New York, online menus in Los Angeles

Happy Searching!


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