Mobile Web Analytics and Statistics for the iPhone

Clicky Web Analytics now lets you monitor your web site traffic remotely from your iPhone. As the global trend of access to information anywhere anytime continues, Clicky Mobile fits right in. Real-time analytics meets mobile flexibility.

In addition to the iPhone version, Clicky also offers a generic version for other mobile devices. The iPhone version takes advantage of the aesthetic and Javascript abilities. It looks great and feels like an application. Since Clicky Mobile is built off the WebKit platform, it will also work on the new Android phones when they are released, as well as any other mobile browser based on WebKit.

Just like Clicky, the mobile interface is clean and simple. It is more designed for that quick fix on the go, rather than a full substitute for the web site, but in that regard it delivers as promised.

The iPhone version even includes a its own Spy mode, which streams pageviews and other actions LIVE as they are happening on your web site. If you get more than a few thousand visitors per day, you can sit for hours and watch people use your web site live. It’s a lot of fun and great to have that feature on the go.

Once you have registered and installed the tracking code on your site, just go to from your mobile device. It will automatically detect which version your mobile device supports and direct you to the right one.

Click here for a bunch more screenshots of the iPhone version in action.

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