Yahoo Web Analytics Officially Launches

A year and a half ago we wrote about a potential Yahoo Analytics service being released however that never really made it to fruition until Yahoo acquired IndexTools earlier this year. Today Dennis Mortensen, Director of Data Insights at Yahoo posted on his blog that IndexTools is now officially: “Yahoo Web Analytics.”

Major changes include a complete re-branding from IndexTools to Yahoo Web Analytics, enhancements to the tool, a new website and some increased scalability. Yahoo Web Analytics also includes single sign on so you can access the rest of the Yahoo tools without having to re-enter your credentials. I am glad I still have access because and can’t wait to test drive the new Yahoo Web Analytics.

Below is a snippet from Dennis’ Post:

Yahoo! Web Analytics will be released in stages to various business units and eco-system partners!

yeah yeah. – but when can YOU get access? From me, not today, unless you are part of the groups above or one of the groups we are about to engage with in Q4. But stay tuned! If you befriend Yahoo (e.g. become an advertiser) I am most sure you will end up with this tool. There is also a very active partner network, but more about that later though.

Have Fun in New York Dennis and Congrats!

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