SES Chicago: Igniting Viral Campaigns

(Guest Post)

My favorite session from Day 1 of SES Chicago was Igniting Viral Campaigns

Moderated by Elisabeth Osmeloski, Founder,, the session went into examples of great viral marketing campaign.

Chris Winfield, of 10e20, started off the session discussing “How can social media ignite your viral marketing campaign?”

Chris discussed the differences and opportunities with various online avenues:

  • Forums (example:
  • Social Networking / Bookmarking (Digg, StumbleUpon)

Ideas for Good Content:

  1. List
  2. How To’s
  3. Surveys
  4. Tools and Calculators
  5. Video
  6. Badges / widgets

Chris was followed by Fionn Downhill, CEO & President Elixir Interactive.

Fionn explained that viral marketing is not expensive.

  1. The basic elements of Viral Marketing
  2. Give Away Items
  3. Effortless transfer to others
  4. Scales Easily
  5. Exploits Common Motivations
  6. Utilize Existing Communication
  7. Takes Advantage of other’s reasoning.

Tools like and are good ways to get started.

Jennifer Laycock, of Editor-in-Chief Search Engine Guide, spoke last. As always, Jennifer had some great viral success stories to share with the group.

3 Commandments of Viral Marketing

  1. Thou Shalt Know Thy Customer
  2. Thou Shalt Be Remarkable
  3. Thou Shalt Try, Try Again
** John Ellis is a Senior Online Marketing Manager for ResortQuest Vacation Rentals


  1. says

    Hey John –

    I’m really glad you enjoyed our session – thanks a lot for coming out :)

    Just one note, my company is 10e20 (in your post it says 10e2 and links to – thanks!

    Hope you enjoy the rest of the show.



  2. says

    Thank you John, we always get good feedback on this session. Many newbies think of viral as the office max elf and the burger king chicken when there are so many multiple free ways of doing great viral marketing.

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