Gmail Surpasses YouTube in Visits – Hitwise

According to the Hitwise Blog, Gmail has surpassed YouTube in terms of the market share of US Internet visits. Here’s the summary:
  • Previously, YouTube consistently ranked 10th among all websites by market share of visits until the week ending Jan. 10, 2009, where Gmail moved up one rank to reach #10. The websites have been swapping positions regularly ever since.
  • Among a custom category of all Google properties, Gmail ranked 2nd behind Google for the week ending Mar. 7th, 2009.
  • Both websites are receiving more visits than one year ago, with a bigger increase in the growth of visits to Gmail. The market share of visits to Gmail has increased 70% for the week ending March 7, 2009 as compared to the same week last year. Visits to YouTube also increased 16% during the same time frame.

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