5 Fast & Easy Reports to Optimize Your Site

ClickTale users have been optimizing conversion rates and running usability tests by watching their visitors’ actual browsing sessions and analyzing Attention Heatmaps™ since 2006.

Now ClickTale has released brand-new Page Reports that offer 5 different ways to identify which pages engage visitors, which pages don’t function properly, and which pages cause visitors to behave in unexpected ways.

Most Engaging Pages Report
The Most Engaging Pages report is based on ClickTale’s Engagement Time™ measurement (the amount of time visitors are really active on your page), which allows you to find which pages visitors have the most, and least, interaction with. This is a quick and easy way to figure out which content is sticky, and which isn’t.

The blog post “8 Brilliant Tips That Boost Conversions” (marked in yellow above) was very interesting to visitors since 4 different versions of it are among the top 10 Most Engaging pages.

Most Clicked Pages Report
When designing a website, we usually make assumptions as to how visitors will interact with the site. The Most Clicked Pages report will help you test these assumptions. Find out if visitors aren’t interacting enough with your pages, or if certain pages are confusing or otherwise cause too many clicks and lower conversion rates.

Posts with fewer pictures resulted in the least number of clicks.
Adding pictures to your blog post will increase interaction!

Most Errored Pages Report
Wouldn’t it be great if you could constantly monitor how many JavaScript errors your visitors encounter? Most sites depend on JavaScript for navigation, galleries, login forms, etc., making it crucial to have an error free site. Server side monitoring can’t detect errors, but ClickTale’s session recordings will pick up these missed errors, and display them for you.

It was easy to discover and fix errors in ClickTale’s product features pages that prevented visitors from watching demo movies.

Least Scrolled Pages Report

What good is content if no one scrolls down enough to see it? The Least Scrolled Pages report lets you know how much of your pages are being read. This way, you know if important content is too far down the page to grab attention, and how long your pages should optimally be.

While the average scroll reach across all pages was 86%, scroll reach drops by about 50% when page height doubles in length. Read more about visitor scrolling behavior here.

Slowest Loading Pages
Slow loading pages cause visitors to leave your site. Page loading speeds need to be constantly monitored to ensure enjoyable browsing experiences for your site’s visitors. If a page has an abnormally slow loading time, this is a red flag for potential issues.

Looks like ClickTale’s blog post pages were the 10 slowest loading pages by a wide margin, speeding up the WordPress blog will certainly benefit readers.

Usability from the Top Down

So there you have it, 5 fast ways to analyze your content, page layout, site usability and dependability. These reports are available to all registered ClickTale users, so if you’re not yet using ClickTale, sign up now for free and try them out for yourself. Your site’s usability and conversion rates will benefit from your new found insights.


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