Fastest Internet Speeds by Country

** Our most recent update for 2014 can be seen here ** 

According to Gizmodo, Akamai has released their updated quarterly report on the State of the Internet. Gizmodo posted a very interesting chart from the report which ranked countries of the world according to fastest Internet speeds. South Korea is way out in front with an average speed of 14.6 Mbps, followed by Japan, Hong Kong and Romania. Canada and the United States both well outside of the top 10. Ireland, which was 6th on the fastest Internet speed list, showed the greatest year over year increase of 73%. 


  1. joseph says

    @mk they are talking about the actual download speed which is 14.6 Mb download speed per second and not the marketing ploy of india as 16Mbps speed where you will get only 1.6Mb download speed per second(1/10th)..

    know the difference..

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