Global Twitter Usage 2010 – 56% of All Tweets come in from US

Sysomos has released another great report on the usage of Social Media, this time taking a look at global Twitter usage (and comparing it to their report from June 2009).

Some of the highlights of the study are:
  • Brazil registered the fastest growth in Twitter usage, up to 8.8% from 2% back in June.
  • 56% of all tweets come in from US, followed by UK and Brazil with 8% and 6.7% respectively.
  • London has the highest number of Twitter users, but New York leads in the number of tweets.
  • Almost no one is using the geolocation API that Twitter rolled out last year, with only 0.23% of all Tweets tagged with geolocation. Sysomos used proprietary technology to infer geography which does not rely on Twitter’s API.
  • Although London has the biggest population in terms of Twitter users, New York ranks first in total Tweet contribution

Twitter users around the world, based on data from 13 million Twitter accounts.

Twitter Activity By City


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