Localytics: Real-time Mobile Analytics

The web analytics experts who follow this blog are probably already fielding questions about analytics for mobile applications. And if you aren’t, you will soon. With 3 billion apps downloaded in the last 18 months (and that’s just for iPhone!) and almost 350 million mobile broadband subscriptions expected by the end of 2010, large brands and publishers are rushing to build mobile apps—and those apps will require mobile-specific analytic tools.

Localytics is a real-time mobile analytics solution that helps brands and publishers better understand their users, prioritize development, optimize marketing and generally make smarter business decisions. The open source iPhone, Android and BlackBerry client libraries can be integrated in just minutes. Highly granular data are collected and maintained, enabling dynamic segmentation analysis (e.g., device models by carrier), custom reports and daypart analysis. Of particular interest to web analytics experts, the detailed session-level data (not aggregated counts) can be exported for integration with Coremetrics, Omniture, Unica, WebTrends and others. A 1-minute video introduction and a fully functional mobile analytics demo is available.

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