SES New York 2010 – Converting Websites with Bryan Eisenberg

Search Engine Strategies New York is right around the corner and is filled with a great lineup of speakers. Earlier this week, I had a chance to speak with SES veteren Bryan Eisenberg about his sessions at the upcoming conference. Bryan Eisenberg is a UX master and a NYTimes Bestselling Author, check out our conversation below.

[Manoj]: Your sessions at SES New York are heavily focused on ‘Conversions’, please give us some background on what you will be discussing.

[Bryan Eisenberg]:I’ll be sharing my 21 Secrets of Top Converting Websites. I spent over a decade helping websites improve their conversion rate and have distilled all that knowledge, experience and research into this one presentation. You see the average website has a conversion rate around 3%, but there are plenty of sites that convert at 10% or higher. By the way when we started out we told everyone 10% was what they should target; some paid attention but most didn’t yet. There will be examples from retail sites, B2B sites, publishers and everything in between. I guarantee that the audience will never be able to look at a website the same way again.

[Manoj]:What are some blatantly obvious things that website owners can do to help improve their conversions?

[Bryan Eisenberg]:I like to break it down to what I call the conversion trinity. The first part is to focus on understanding the intent of your visitor and delivering them the most relevant content for their needs. The second part is making sure they understand the value of purchasing from you. The final part is making sure they know what action they should take next and that they feel comfortable taking that action.

[Manoj]: Are there any online tools you enjoy using during your conversion optimization process?

[Bryan Eisenberg]:I am a tool junkie; I love tools. In fact, I put together a post on my blog of 69 free and low cost tools to improve your website {} . This is probably a good place for most people to start.

[Manoj]:vAnalytics is a critical component to measuring and improving conversions, how should website owners go beyond a basic analytics implementation?

[Bryan Eisenberg]:The key to being successful with analytics is move beyond reporting and analysis to making data driven decisions and taking action based on the analytics. What I recommend most people do is to create an action plan or to-do list. This list can be daily, weekly or monthly depending on your corporate metabolism and resources. Every time you create this list you should come up with the top places on your website that need improvement, a list of other things you may want to improve or test, what marketing efforts you should do more of and which ones you should do less of and then just execute and get the list done.

[Manoj]: You’ve been helping improve conversions for many years, what things have changed from the last couple of years to 2010?

[Bryan Eisenberg]: In the last 10 years a lot of things have changed in the conversion optimization space, from greater adoption of web analytics tools, to wider awareness of the importance of conversion rate. In the last couple of years, the increasing breadth and depth of tools for enabling conversion rate optimization has been increasing at an astronomical rate. It seems every week I get several requests to check out the latest and greatest offering. However, I still fear to many people are not taking on the challenge of working on improving their website every month since it requires hard work. It is kind of like trying to lose weight; it takes a daily commitment of making smart choices, working hard and eating well. I should know, I’ve lost over 80 pounds since SES NY last year.

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