New Keyword SEO Tools from WordStream

WordStream this week announced the release of Keyword Management for SEO. It offers the same keyword suggestion capabilities as Wordtracker, Keyword Discovery, and similar tools, but layers on keyword analytics, keyword grouping and organization, and integrated content authoring tools starting at $49/month

Rather than offering a static list of keyword suggestions along with a handful of related keyword suggestions, WordStream for SEO provides you with:

  • Traditional Keyword Research: Not unlike existing keyword tools, WordStream offers keyword suggestions that the software pulls from a deep database of search queries.
  • Personalized Keyword Suggestions: WordStream also goes a step further to mine your own site data to help surface relevant keyword ideas people are already using to find your site.
  • Keyword Analytics: Instead of vague estimates based on popularity, WordStream provides accurate visit and goal data for keywords from your own site on an ongoing basis.
  • Keyword Organization: WordStream has created very sophisticated grouping and organization capabilities. This means that you can effectively segment your keyword list to identify content suggestions, analyze your data in strategic clusters, and create an SEO-friendly information architecture.
  • Content Authoring: The WordStream SEO for Firefox feature, which I’ll describe in more detail below, connects your keyword research with your content creation efforts to help you better focus your blog posts and product or sales pages.

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