85% of All Brand Purchases are Made by Women – Says Unicast Report

Earlier this week Unicast released its “What Women Want From the Web Report” Summer 2010 revealing the preferences, intentions and activities of women online this summer. The report discusses Unicast’s recent national online survey of 516 women, and provides detailed analysis and demographic breakdowns. Below are some of the highlights:
  • The most popular online activities for women this summer: 76% plan to connect with
    friends and family, 67% will keep up with the news, 64% plan to shop for sales/compare prices, 59% intend to entertain themselves (play games, listen to music or watch TV/movies), and 48% will research travel/vacations.
  • Women age 18-24 are more inclined to use the Internet for most activities, and also
    more receptive to online advertising in various formats, particularly more interested than women overall in localized information, surveys, social media formats and exclusive downloadable content.
  • The most popular ad content is for sales and discount codes – 46% of women notice
    these, followed by creating/submitting an entry to win a prize – 31%. About one in four women notice an ad with localized information, like area movie listings.
  • Women notice ads for items they’re already interested in – 56% of women planning to
    look up entertainment options this summer have noticed an entertainment ad in the past month and 46% of women planning to research travel have noticed a travel ad.
  • Women with children in the home tend to do more activities online than those without children, including listen to music (62% vs. 42%), watch TV or movies (56% vs. 46%) and look up entertainment options (60% vs. 40%).
  • Women that visit blogs notice online advertising far more than overall respondents, but this is a small group with just 13% of women planning to visit a blog this summer.

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