12 Steps to a Better Landing Page – Infographic

Loved the latest YouMoz post on SEOmoz by Oli Gardner (Co-Founder of Unbounce.com) who combines 2 of our favorite topics together: Infographics and Landing Pages. Oli provides a 12 step infographic detailing how to rehab your landing pages. Landing page tips and infographic below:
  1. One Page Per Source
  2. A/B Testing
  3. Ad Message Match
  4. Context of Use
  5. Videos Increase Conversion
  6. Direction Cues
  7. Data vs. Conversion
  8. Edit Ruthlessly
  9. Enable Social Sharing
  10. Trust & Social Proof
  11. One Page – One Purpose
  12. Post Conversion Marketing


  1. says

    Nice infographic on landing page design. I found the information useful in getting the message across to the my team on what we need to be doing in regards to our landing pages.

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