Feedbackify Enters the Voice of Customer Space at $19/month

The voice of customer space is slowly getting very competitive with numerous players applying their own spin to a ‘feedback’ focused solution. The newest solution to join the likes of GetSatisfaction, OpinionLab, Kampyle, and UserVoice is Feedbackify! (love that name).
Feedbackify offers a very simple solution which takes minutes to get setup. Really there is only 5 steps to get going: Customize your questions, create categories, apply your branding, choose your “Feedback” tab, install your code and you’re off to the races.
I was quite surprised with their lack of pricing options. They offer one unlimited package priced at only $19/month. Many of the above solutions can cost thousands of dollars a month/year. I hope they don’t sell themselves short right out of the gate.


  1. says

    Yes, the ethos of Feedbackify is to keep it simple, so rather than having an array of confusing pricing options we decided to include everything for one low price!

    So do check it out ;- with a 15 day free trial you've nothing to lose!

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