MyHomePage Looks to Compete with iGoogle & Yahoo

The personalized homepage and password manager markets are becoming crowded scenes. Services like iGoogle, My Yahoo and RoboForm may be popular but there are a number of newcomers vying to topple the bigger names. I caught up with one recently to talk about their product and why they might be different from the competition.

Please could you give a brief introduction to what myhomepage is and its background?

Myhomepage is a one stop shop to start browsing the internet. It was founded by two young, tech-entrepreneurs Max Aengevelt and Massimo Agostinelli who came up with the idea last year. It offers a bookmarking service to save all your favorites online. Bookmarks are displayed in a visual way, with thumbnails of your links. It also offers a personalized homepage where you can organize your bookmarks with intuitive drag and drop features. Myhomepage also offers an online password manager through two different features: the Password Vault and Auto Logins. With the Password Vault you can save username and password details for every site you bookmark. Auto Logins allow you to automatically log into a supported website. This means you can increase your online security by having very complex and difficult passwords and not have to worry about forgetting them. Furthermore, a lot of people use the same password for multiple sites which also undermines online security. Because you can always find your password details, users of myhomepage can easily use different passwords for different sites.

How is it different from your competitors?

Myhomepage has two distinct advantageous over other competitors. Firstly, it is completely online. You do not need to download or install anything on to your computer. You can go anywhere and from any computer at any time still be able to access your bookmarks and password details. It works across numerous browsers and you can also import bookmarks from the following browsers: IE8, Firefox 3.0, Chrome, Opera and Safari.

Secondly, myhomepage groups many useful tools in one easy to use website. Whereas before you might need to download a password manager, sign up for a personalized homepage and then also save your bookmarks to your browser, myhomepage offers all of these services, plus auto login, for free and online.

Can you explain the auto login in greater detail?

We are very proud of the auto login feature. The patent pending technology works by splitting your password information into two separate encryptions. One is stored locally in a secure cookie and the other in our secure dedicated servers. Only with your password are you able to connect the two parts. It is very secure and uses the highest level of encryption. We are certified secure by VeriSign, McAfee and TRUSTe.

Using the auto login feature is also easy. Once you have saved your username and password information to a supported website, you add a bookmark button to your browser’s favorite’s bar (you can drag and drop it in most browsers). Then visit the site, click the Auto Login button and your username and password will be filled out and you will be logged into the website. It’s really simple! Some websites are more complicated than others to log into but we are constantly developing and refining this technology.

What security measures do you have in place?

As mentioned previously, we use the highest level of encryption and split password data. Not even myhomepage staff are able to access your password information – only you can unlock it. Unfortunately this also means that should you forget your myhomepage password, whilst we can restore your account with a new password, all the password information you saved before will be lost because it could only be unlocked by your old password.

What difficulties have you faced in developing myhomepage and what tips would you give other young entrepreneurs?

Like all startups, there are many obstacles to overcome: product development, finance and so on. We have worked very hard to overcome problems. It is important to always be calm and use any nervous energy in developing the project. You should always remember the big picture and your business plan. Carefully managing smaller tasks whilst working towards the bigger goal is very important.

What is the future for myhomepage?

Myhomepage has an exciting future ahead with a lot of new product ideas. Whilst we’re still in the beta stages, we think we have a great product that looks fantastic and works well. User feedback is something that we take very seriously. As a result, we implemented tagging as a way to organize bookmarks. We feel tagging is a more intuitive way to organize and structure your work. It is simple and easy enough to use for people used to folders. We have also taken our first steps into the social network world with emailing bookmarks and links to your friends. It’s simple and easy to use as well but we see myhomepage as being much more interactive in the future.

Further customization and personalization of the homepage would be great for users. Having a public profile would allow users to easily share their bookmarks with friends. Friends could work together on shared lists of bookmarks. Imagine you are going on holiday with some friends; you all plan the holiday together and bookmark websites that you think the others might enjoy. Myhomepage could be a really collaborative process.

Furthermore, we are always excited about new technologies and see myhomepage’s application being well suited to the mobile device, whether that’s a smartphone or a tablet computer. Myhomepage’s user interface lends itself well to these platforms and we are looking closely at developing an application that offers all the same features as the website but on a mobile device.


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