Google Instant – Is Pay Per Scroll to Come? or Perhaps: Promoted Predictions

Obviously there was huge news from Google today, with Google Instant – speeding up searches even more with predictive results instantly available to users. Below are some highlights (the 140 characters, Twitter version) as I watched the live webcast:
  • 1 Billion people use Google each week
  • In 2009 Google rolled out 500 UI/Ranking changes, 500 in 2010 already #SearchOn
    caffeine + real-time + spelling correction + questions & answers + stars in search + google redesign in Google 2010
  • Google thought of Instant 10 years ago, but at that time it was an April Fool’s joke
  • Google Instant in UK, Spain, France, Italy, Russia next week. What about Canada!!!
  • How Google will impact Adwords/Analytics and

I was thinking about Google Instant for a bit and how Google could potentially monetize the massive surge of increased visits, what came to my mind was Pay Per Scroll. By leveraging all ‘3 gears’ of Google Instant I bet in the near future we’ll eventually see Google Adwords right inside of the predictive search results. They could also take a page out of Twitter’s book and introduce “Promoted Predictions” – where it would appear less ad-like but use bolding to distinguish premium listings. I created a quick mock up of what I think the Adword version may look like, see below (click to enlarge).

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