Only 6% of Tweets are Retweeted – Twitter Engagement Study

Recently Sysomos conducted a Twitter study focusing on how tweets are retweeted and responded to. They analyzed 1.2 billion tweets to analyze the pattern of @ replies and retweets. Some of the highlights of the study are:
  • 71% of all tweets are not retweeted or responded to.
  • Only 6% of tweets are retweeted. 23% of tweets are @ replied to.
  • 92.4% of the retweets happen in the first hour, i.e., if a tweet is not retweeted in the first hour, it is very likely that it will not be retweeted.
  • 1.63% of retweets happen in the second hour, and 0.94% take place in the third hour.
  • Only 1.53% of Twitter conversations are three levels deep – after the original tweet, there is a reply, reply to the reply, and reply to the reply of reply

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