Google Panda Explained [Infographic]

Since its release in Feb 2011, Google set Internet marketers into a spin trying to figure the new algorithm changes. While the premise of the update was to hit the spammy and poorer quality sites on the web the reality was not that straight forward. There have been league tables published listing ‘winners’ and ‘losers’ and many of the large poor quality content farms have been hit but controversially not all of them.

As I said things are never clear cut or straight forward with Google’s Algorithm but I guess being the worlds smartest search engine gives it the right to be fickle.

Ignoring the nuances, quirks, and way too technical stuff that SEO’s argue about, the main premise of the update around more quality content and link relevance still stand. The infographic below does a nice job of summarising some of the milestones in the Panda Roll out as well as highlighting things like potential site penalties, new link building rules and advice on what to do if your site got penalised.

Oh and it has some cute pictures of Pandas in it as well!

 Infographic explaining Google Panda Updates

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  1. Hi Brian,

    Loved the post and reference to the Infographic to break down simply and easily for folks what Panda is and how it is working for and against certain websites and the reasons why.

    I just released a post titled: “Hey Google: You’re Really Starting To Piss Me Off!” and referenced your blog post.

    You can take a look here:

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