Growth of Mobile Commerce [Infographic]

Increasing direct E-commerce sales via mobile devices has been a huge focus in recent years within the world of big retail and the mobile phone industry. With the ubiquitous distribution of smart phones and devices providing constant connectivity to end users coupled with the ability to potentially track, target and incentivise end users, the possibilities for m-commerce are endless and the Infographic below shows some interesting data about the rise of this mobile commerce. 
The barriers to date have been around user interface problems, security issues and lack of comfort and trust by the end user to actually make purchases through there devices. Many of these problems are being overcome by the development of better device technologies, added security features, the creation of user friendly mobile retail apps and in general a growth in comfort and attachment of the end user to their device.
It is therefore no surprise, as some of the stats below show, that many consumers are open to and actually gearing up to m-commerce, downloading mobile retail apps etc. Location based tracking and targeting is very much the missing piece that all big players want to add to their arsenal. The technology is available … the issue is more about user permissions and trust. Large amounts of time, money and effort are being thrown into ways to  incentivise users to accept location tracking on their devices and as the stats below suggest these incentives seem to be working.
Smarter Apps which do product price checks, instant gratification of QR codes and the wonder of Augmented Reality are all ways in which the end consumer is being tempted into the world of m-commerce, sharing more data and ultimately allowing themselves to be highly targeted for marketing purposes. It looks like there is no stopping the rise of m-commerce.

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