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How to buy website Traffic (A Video Guide)

We have just added Buying Website Traffic to our Video Guides. If you are advertising online and buying traffic, or perhaps considering it for the future, you might want to spend a few minutes watching the video to refresh on the best practice steps that you should put in place. Even if you enagage a third party agency to help you spend your precious ad budget it makes sense to get yourself familiar with the fundamentals – after all, the very fact that you have some knowledge should encourage them to give your account the best of attention!


Traffic has of course been bought in one form or another since the very earliest days of the internet however the increasing sophistication and choice available to advertisers means that selecting the right type of advertising and using it efficiently and effectively is key – because if you don’t your competitors surely will…

It doesn’t matter on the size of your budget – there are a few techniques and tips to be aware of and so take some time to consider the variety of platforms available – some will definately be more appropriate than others for your particular business and objectives.

We spend lots of time on Web Analytics World writing about how to inecrease natural (cost effective) search rankings – so why might you consider paying for traffic? :-

  • Speed – SEO activity takes time; advertising can be immediate
  • Perhaps you have a time sensitive promotion?
  • To boost your Brand Awareness
  • You might want to grow your mailing list size
  • To accelerate your growth in social media audience
  • For Geographic targeting
  • For Demographic targeting
  • Because maybe you have worked out that you can sell to your new customers at a price greater than the cost of acquiring and converting them!

Networks for buying website traffic

There are an enormous number of ways to buy traffic however there is no doubt that Google and Facebook are leaders in the field for good reason. In the video we explain the principles and provide some best practice advice.

Often, one of the benefits of online advertising is described as “control” or the “ability to measure” however it’s worthwhile remembering that ultimately this is Marketing… and there are many things which simply cannot be measured with any accuracy e.g. we describe in the video how using the Google Adwords Display Network will promote your brand, name and message on your competitors’ sites … and this is free of course unless someone actually clicks on your advert to take them to your landing page …

In the  video we describe :-

  • The importance of optimized landing pages to receive traffic from your adverts
  • PPC and Adwords
  • The Google Adwords Display Network
  • The technique of re-targeting
  • Monitoring your competition
  • How to use Facebook to advertise to very highly targeted audiences

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