Twitter Stats in 2012 [Infographic]

OK … I admit that I didn’t get Twitter for a while. The celebrity adoption of it really put me off and the mere mention of Twitter just annoyed me to the extent that I discounted it as a credible marketing channel. I did get over this (sort of) and gradually started to realise that Twitter could in fact be an excellent way for businesses to establish some authority in their space as well as use of Twitter proactively as a professional networking tool to build powerful relationships.

I now have a love-hate relationship with Twitter. As fabulous as it can be for credible folks to share great information and make strong connections, it’s still a very ‘noisy’ medium which requires smart tools and filters to be set up in order to make your sure your ‘twitter time’ is effective and beneficial and you don’t get lost in the ‘noise’.

The Twitter Infographic below shows the history, the most popular users and the busiest time in Twitter history (another reason why Twitter gets me down, Justin who?). It also gives some info on how it is accessed, the type of content that is re-tweeted and some growth stats and projections.

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