WordStream’s Internet Marketing 150: The Top Internet Marketing Companies 2012

Whether it’s like a LOTR (Lord of the Rings) or a sought after treasure map, WordStream’s latest infographic is a reference list that’s both engaging and useful for explorers travelling the dynamic land of Internet marketing…okay I’m stopping with the map japes before I hit the “here be dragons” references.

Japes aside, it is a valid point that for many (even when your job role is not marketing), you have to engage in Internet Marketing or at least have a knowledge of what the key activity areas are. When you first venture into looking at the key activity areas, or are wanting to refresh your knowledge, it can get confusing; there is no end to the different companies offering services and products, be it Web Analytics or the latest in Marketing Automation. 

Released this week the WordStream Internet Marketing 150, maps out the top Software and Saas Provider landscape; categorising 162 companies into 10 major business categories: Content Marketing & Blogging, Conversion Rate Optimization, Crowdsourcing, Email Marketing, Marketing Automation, Pay-Per-Click Marketing (PPC), Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Management, Video Hosting & Management and last but definitely not least, Web Analytics.

WordStream have explained that the companies included in their provider map have been selected against the following criteria:

  • Are market leaders in their category.
  • Provide proven, innovative solutions to improve web marketing processes.
  • Have strong reputations in their field.
  • Provide tremendous value to individuals and businesses.

So while you wouldn’t be reading this unless you had some interest in marketing activities and you probably recognise some of the names in this infographic, it’s worth while holding onto this map and checking out those names you are less familiar with.

If you are at the beginning of your journey in Internet Marketing, or even regrouping your efforts before jumping back in, these 10 key areas will help give you a focus for reviewing your current strategy. For those with strategy in place, but seeking out a new provider, the map is a great place to start the initial research!  

Internet Marketing Software List [Infographic]

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