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Targeting and Marketing [Infographic]

Let’s consider two simple words – “Targeting” and “Marketing” . Two words that are combined in conversation a million times a day and yet I wonder how often the combination really hits that “sweet spot” with advertisers and willing consumers joined in one seamless and easy connection?

The guys at Wordstream have been very busy again with their graphic paintbrush and their efforts below reveal some interesting Google vs Facebook stats. They have looked at Advertising Reach, Revenues/Growth, Advertising Performance, Targeting Options and Formats.

The Targeting Options Panel in particular caught my attention.¬† At first glance Google looks to win the options battle hands down … however if you really want to unleash maximum power from your budget you will know how important it is to consider that target audience. If for example you can fairly accurately describe your target customer using criteria such as Education , Workplace, Hobbies and Interests ( …you know the sort of thing, adrenalin junkies with a head for heights, no imagination and a healthy entertainment budget) then launching your Parachute Jumping Experience Events Company using Facebook targeted advertising could be the very thing for you !

No matter the telephone sized numbers that attract themselves to everything that Facebook or Google do, you only have so much money and time Рremember  Targeting + Marketing = Great use of your budget !

Facebook vs. Google Display Advertising - Comparing the value of the world's largest advertising venues. [INFOGRAPHIC]

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