5 Ways Video Can Increase Your Landing Page Conversation Rate

How to Make Your Landing Page Videos More Effective

Attracting visitors to your website isn’t easy. In fact, it usually takes a pretty rigorous marketing campaign just to maintain a regular flow of visitors and even if you manage this, it’s likely that most visitors won’t convert to paying customers without a well-optimised, high converting landing page.

One of the most powerful ways to increase the conversion rate of your landing page is with the use of video. In recent years, more and more companies around the world have started to produce video content solely for the use on their landing pages as they quickly realised that if produced well, videos can send landing page conversions through the roof.


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In fact, a recent study found that video content can actually increase landing page conversions by up to 80% meaning that in some cases, you can almost double the number of sales achieved by your landing page. However, videos can also reduce or have very little effect on landing page conversion rates if they aren’t properly thought-out or produced to a high standard so here are a few ways to make your landing page videos more effective.

#1 – Don’t Bore your Visitors

You need to remember that people browsing the web get bored pretty easily and that also, alternative content is only one click away. When a visitor arrives on your landing page and you present them with your video content, it’s likely that they don’t want to be there for hours watching a video they didn’t plan to watch.

Now, depending on the complexity of your product, your landing page might require a relatively long video in order to explain all the required aspects that hopefully, will lead to a conversion but in most cases, you need to keep things short and to the point.

You need to make your video entertaining and interesting whilst still presenting visitors with information about your product/service. It’s not an easy task, but by keeping it as short as possible, you’ll likely increase the likeliness that the visitor will watch the video right until the end and then, make the purchase.

#2 – Autoplay vs. Non-Autoplay

One of the tactics that is often used to increase conversion rates is to automatically play the video when the visitor lands on the page. Now, if you’ve ever visited a landing page where this technique is used, you probably found it pretty annoying, right?

Setting a landing page video to autoplay can alienate and annoy your visitors which will often lead to them clicking the ‘back’ button almost immediately and leaving your site (something you don’t want them to do as this means no purchase will be made).

Strangely however, a lot of people have experienced higher conversion rates when this technique is used so the best option is to test it. You might find that the autoplay feature squeezes an extra few conversions out of your landing page and generates you more revenue, which at the end of the day is all that matters.

#3 – Include a Call-To-Action

Surprisingly, a lot of landing page videos don’t bother doing this but really, it is almost guaranteed to increase your conversion rate. Sure, a lot of landing pages usually have a call-to-action somewhere else on the page (usually in the form of a button) but using a call-to-action in your video can often increase the effectiveness of this.

For example, if you’ve spent a few minutes informing the visitor about your product/service and its potential benefits, make sure you actually tell them to sign up/make a purchase at the end. It doesn’t have to be anything longwinded, you could simply include a call-to-action at the end of your video that says “Sign up below for a 30-day free trial” – or something to that effect.

This call-to-action could either be done using a voiceover or even a graphic included at the end of your video. Feel free to get creative and do both if you like.

#4 – Upload to YouTube

One of the less direct techniques you can use to increase landing page conversions (and the amount of visitors) is to also upload your video to YouTube (and sites like YouTube). YouTube receives more than 800 million unique visitors a month and therefore, allows you to expose your landing page video to an even larger audience.

By doing this, you can increase brand awareness and quite often, attract visitors to your landing page. When uploading to YouTube, simply include a link to your landing page in the video description. If the video gets a lot of views then you will likely receive a lot of clickthroughs to your website which may result in sales.

Doing this will also generate a few links to your landing page (although usually nofollow links) which may help your landing page to rank even better and attract more visitors/potential customers.

#5 – Make it the Centre of Attention

A lot of landing pages make use of video but often, don’t put enough focus on the video itself. Try to make your landing page less cluttered and keep the video as the main focal point of the page. You want to draw the visitor’s attention to that ‘play’ button so that he/she watches the video and purchases your product.

You should also make sure to keep the video above the fold too. Although ‘the fold’ might be slowly dying out due to the fact that more and more people are now browsing the web on devices with much larger screens, a lot of people do still have traditional sized monitors, notebooks or tablet PC’s where the fold is extremely important.


There is no doubt that an effective online video will significantly increase the conversion rate of a landing page if produced to a high standard. Sure, refining the video might take a bit of trial and error but if you’re selling a high value product (or receiving a large amount of visitors), the reward can be huge.

It is unlikely you’ll get things perfect right away so remember to experiment with varying video lengths, calls-to-action and the autoplay feature. But also, remember to monitor the results!

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