How To Make and Market The Best Videos On The Web

Welcome to the online video masterclass. Today we’ll be looking at the best styles of video to make, how to create them cheaply and how best to market them.

1. Why Video?

Videos provide a comprehensive means of accessing your audience and improving brand visibility: converting a potential customer into a paying or long-term customer. The visual and audio elements of video are more effective at getting information to your audience, than text alone.

Online videos are essential for a large online presence, and create a really memorable experience of a website. They have become a well used means of communication to capture and sustain the attention of viewers.

By marketing your product with video you will be able to reach a wider customer base and will bring more traffic to your website. Having your video embedded into your existing site, means that visitors will be more likely to interact with the other content on your site and ultimately this will increase the conversion rates for your site.

2. Best Styles of Video

The three golden rules of creating engaging video content are: Entertain, Inform and Educate.

Audiences both on and off line value these elements and by having two or more of these element your video will be successful. There are several formats for promotional videos which all present effective means of communication:

People powered videos, which introduces the people behind the scenes of the company, helps build a connection between the customers and the employees of the business. By showing the company as real people, and not a faceless corporation, customers feel much more at ease and trusting of the company.

A helpful video which answers the frequently asked questions about your business, can establish a bond with your visitors, further establishing trust, as well as showing the innovative features of your business.

Instructional videos are particularly useful for potential customers, showing them that you have exactly what they need. Such videos reinforce the connection between the client and the brand.

Finally testimonial videos allow you to share the positive experiences which past customers have had in an authentic and honest manner. This again builds trust and shows the qualities of the product or service.

3. How to Create Those Videos

When creating a video, location is key. But it is not necessary to rent out lavish studio space, all you really need is space in which you can stand comfortably with a background which is suited to your brand. Generally though, a blank or white wall is good as it focuses the viewer on you, rather than your scenery.

You will need a stabilized camera in order to make your footage as good as possible. It is not important if you aren’t using the latest high tech equipment, you will be able to get good shots with a webcam or tablet camera.

For lighting, again you don’t need to use the fanciest of equipment just as long as you position a light source on either side of your backdrop You will also need a third light, held at about a thirty degree angle to your on screen subject. To maximise lighting it is best to shoot in natural light but be careful not to over expose your scene.

When you are recording the sound for your video, try to keep the audio levels reasonably consistent, as changes in volume can cause the sound to distort in the recording.

The final stage of creating your film is editing. This enables you to adjust the brightness and sharpness of your video. Downloading free editing software like iMovie and Windows Movie Maker can help you put the finishing touches to your video.

4. How to Market Them

So now that you have your finished video, it is time to upload it to Youtube and Vimeo. Youtube, being the second largest search engine is a great launch pad for your video. Once you have put your video online it is important to make sure it will be getting the optimum views, in order to do this you need to make use of tags and key search words.

As a marketing strategy it is important to make use of the ever growing phenomenon of social networking. Most of the free video sharing platforms link to websites such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. By using the facilities of free hosting sites you can market your video efficiently to your target audience. This will eventually lead to a high conversion rate for your site, which will ultimately lead to increased revenue.

That’s it for today’s online video masterclass. Be sure to share your knowledge and your thoughts in the comments section below.


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