How and Why You Should Utilise Testimonial Video On The Web

Welcome to the online video masterclass. Today we’ll be looking at how and why you should utilise testimonial video on the web.

1. Why Make A Testimonial Video?

Testimonial videos enable you to share the positive, genuine experiences which your customers have had with your business. It is important to use the customer voice in your video as it can greatly increase public opinion of your business. Video testaments are an easier and more accessible way of presenting past customer experiences for new customers to see.

Referrals from past customers gives potential customers reassurance in the quality of your service or product. They can help you convert possible customers into sales or long-term clients. Such videos can be important because they connect on a more personal level with your audience than text testimonials; they are an intimate, powerful and engaging medium.

2. Identify Your Clients/Promoters/Customers

Your video should be personalised to your audience. The key step is to identify who your customers are and provide testimonials which relate to them, successful businesses don’t waste time targeting everyone, only their key demographic.

Think about the message you are trying to present from your testimonial video. It would be good to consider how your product/service relates to different groups. How it has been received by different sectors? Is there a certain group of people you are trying to expand your business to? Are you trying to tap into a different market to increase your sales?

You need to think about how best to go about reaching your future customers. If you are targeting young people, it makes sense to create a testimonial which that audience would be able to relate to.

3. How To Capture Your Testimonials

The next step would be to film your testimonials, the most effective way to do this is with an interview. A question and answer format helps to establish authenticity. Building trust is key to the success of your videos.

The content of your video is important, it needs to be positive and relevant, otherwise it will draw the wrong crowd. Remember to keep your testimonial short and to the point so as to keep your audience focussed, provide quality rather than quantity, to get your message to your clients.

4. Upload Them To Video Sharing Sites

The internet is an excellent and efficient way of communicating with your customer base. So once you’ve got your video you then need to get it out there. Start uploading your video to one of the many sites for video sharing: Vimeo, Viddler, DailyMotion, and of course, not forgetting the video giant YouTube. YouTube, as the world’s second largest search engine, is one of the most popular video platforms and serves as a good starting point for your video.

It is worth reaching out to as many sharing platforms as possible; the more locations for your video the more people you can reach. Don’t forget you can also embed it on to your website as well.

5. Socially Market Your Video

When using free video platforms, like Youtube, you have the facility to integrate your video with social networking sites like Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and Twitter. The vast majority of people are accessible via social networks. This allows your video to be seen by a wider audience and allows for more direct interaction with your customers; through ‘likes’ and shares. Video is already an engaging medium but integrating it with social networks amplifies the interaction around your content.

There are no limits to how much your video is shared online, which is why social media is an established means of reaching your target audience, however wide and diverse it may be. Social media can have a huge impact on your campaign and can make your brand more recognisable online. These social networks and video platforms are becoming even more important in this computerised age so it is essential to utilize these free marketing outlets.

Videos on social networking sites are becoming more popular and more accepted. Because of the ease of uploading and sharing, marketing your video has never been easier, through your business website and social media you should be able to reach your target audience effectively.

That’s it for today’s online video masterclass. Be sure to share your knowledge and your thoughts in the comments section below.


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    Nice article. User generated testimonials are a very powerful way to add credibility to your website, but the problem is more the way you capture them… You can buy testimonials on Fiver for only 5$ but they are so lame and not really an honest way to use testimonials. I am wondering how you manage the last 3 steps of capturing, sharing & marketing… I use a tool called Bubobox to capture the testimonials or product reviews, it a tool that comes with a dashboard where you can manage the entries, reward contributors, see the effect of sharing on your inbound traffic, …

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