2014 – The Year of the Mobile?

Small_NewYear1As 2013 comes to a close and we all get ready for the New Year with our resolutions in hand, we wanted to do something a little different for this post. Recently, at the start of every year someone says “this is the year of the mobile!” but it may be that 2014 will actually be it.  

Google has been pushing the importance of mobile friendly websites and reinforcing this with mobile data in their reports, crawls and tools. According to the Internet Usage Report from the ITU (International Telecommunications Union) there are now almost as many Mobile/Cell subscriptions as there are people in the world:  6.8 billion subscriptions and 7 billion people. 


Although mobile subscriptions are growing quickly (almost 7 billion subscriptions by 2013) are the mobile prices growing too? According to ITU’s report the average cost of a mobile plan is between 1.2 to 2.2% of the monthly GNI (Gross National Income). Keeping in mind this is a percent of the country’s income and not an individual, take a look at the discrepancy between the developed and developing countries.


All these mobile stats had us wanting to dig a little deeper, take it a little further and ask you for your insights into what 2014 will bring to the internet, internet based companies, blogging and more.  

Tell us what you think – what changes do you see for 2014 or would you like to see in the new year?

WAW’s 2014 New Year Plans!

Last but by no means least we wanted to let you guys in on a few new things coming to WAW this year:

  1. Keep an eye on our Featured Bloggers page for a few new players and a brand new layout!
  2. Along with our amazing bloggers we’ve got some fresh new faces joining us  in 2014
  3. The face of WAW may be changing a little as we’re planning on adding in more information, tools/tips and advice.

We here at Web Analytics World and Jump Digital Ltd. hope you’re enjoying your Holiday Season and we want to thank our amazing bloggers and loyal readers for a great 2013 and we’re looking forward to an even better 2014! Thank you & HAPPY NEW YEAR!


  1. says

    Would also add that in terms of disruptive business models, Republic Wireless bears watching.

    Wi-Fi continues to proliferate and at some point the carriers have to get serious about it instead of paying lip service (there are a few exceptions but most carriers are nibbling at the edges at best). The number of worldwide mobile subs is of course impressive but the fact is that Wi-Fi rules in terms of actual traffic carried.

    The wireless data usage model is turning on its head…it is no longer “islands of Wi-Fi” but “Wi-Fi everywhere and cellular broadband bridging some gaps”. In this context, the carrier data revenues might have already reached it peak or will be soon.

    It is indeed going to be an interesting few years for the carriers.

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