How we’re Running our Content Audit in Web Analytics World

Image of blue lego man with LEGO® broom sweeping

Image courtesy of blickpixel via Pixabay

At the beginning of 2014 we started our Web Analytics World improvement plan and looked to cultivate new and interesting bloggers, focused more on quality versus quantity and in the background began building our content cleanup plan.

Our inspiration springboard for the cleanup was Koozai with their bold move of deleting 900 blog posts and so earlier this summer we started removing old content from our site.

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Cruising through SharePoint with Content Analytic Reports

Image courtesy of Comfreak via Pixabay

Image courtesy of Comfreak via Pixabay

We’ve been cruising along on our SharePoint analytics journey looking at your implementation and optimization of your portal, it’s now time to dive deep into the nitty gritty. That’s right- it’s time to talk about content in SharePoint and why you should care about measuring and optimizing it!

A central tenant for developing a useful and interesting SharePoint portal, is ensuring that there is not just “content”, but quality content. Creating engaging content in the portal, however, is easier said than done and while it’s easy to write about the essential information that must be made available to all users, you often don’t know what other content will speak to your SharePoint users.

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And the Halftime Analytics Top 10 goes to …

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Image courtesy of Iabusa on Flickr

It’s that time of year again when we take a few moments to review the site for your top 10 favourite posts in a variety of categories. We scoured our analytics to find out which posts you’ve read the most, which ones you’ve shared out on Social the most and this time we have a brand new category for you!

To gather this data we use Google Analytics and our WordPress plugin Social Metrics Pro for the total likes/tweets/shares on social media. Our date range for the post was December 1st to June 30th which is slightly more (well a month more) than our usual 6 month range but our last Top 10 Favourites post in December meant that posts at the end of the year got a raw deal.  

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Adobe Analytics: No Need to “Break Down” Thanks to Revamped Calculated Metrics

German, French and English Visits, Internal and External Visits – all in one Report as neat, compact metrics. All this without having to spend a lot of time with tedious breakdowns and segments (and still not getting what you’d really like to). That’s what an Adobe Analytics client needed. The new “Unified Calculated Metrics” now make this possible – something that you can’t do in Google Analytics by the way.

Image of blue gears as stylised brainThe “breakdown” is something so essential to Adobe Analytics that you can hardly do any real analysis without breaking down. Breaking down is sort of a combination of what Google Analytics users know as Drilldowns and adding a second or third dimension to a report. When you break down with Adobe, you break down one dimension by another one, e.g. the Campaign Name by the Device and that by the Browser and that by the Browser Version and that by the Entry Page and so on… You can get as granular as you want and never have to fear sampling like in GA!

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In the Aftermath of Mobilegeddon

Image of mobile and desktop screens with axeApril 21st, as we all know, was when Google’s new Mobile Friendly Updates started adjusting their algorithms to include mobile-friendliness as a ranking factor. It’s been over a month since the update (and the mass panic) so we thought we’d offer up our two cents and share with you the impact these updates had on WAW, in terms of structure and analytics.

As you know, we updated to a mobile responsive theme in April 2014 because we wanted a better user experience for our mobile traffic. We won’t lie – we were also hoping for an increase in mobile traffic. It’s been roughly 6 weeks since Google implemented the algorithm changes so we wanted to see what changes, if any, happened to our mobile search results and traffic.

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