Web Analytics Executive Jobs

How to write a Job Specification for a Web Analytics Executive
The Web Analytics Executive role requires a strategic understanding of the related business, key strategic objectives and related online objectives. The job description for a Web Analytics Manager will need to begin with an overview of the business, the business objectives, growth strategy, market etc and some more specific details about the online objective would also be very useful. Links through to websites, social sites, existing online campaigns etc are also helpful to include in a job description as well as reference to existing tools and technologies related to web platforms ,analytics tools etc

A Web Analytics Executive should be able to analyse & report on key data from all areas of the businesses online activities from organic search engine traffic, to paid traffic, social media metrics, e-marketing analytics and so on. In addition to the raw data, a Web Analytics Manager must be able to understand, interpret and draw conclusions from this data and reference it to customer experience online, customer engagement, conversion rates to sales/enquiries, conversion rates to email newsletter signups, social sign ups etc.

Web Analytics Executive Job Roles & Responsibilities

  • Understand overall online marketing strategy and how this relates to specific campaign activity
  • Experience in the use of Analytics tools and techniques to report on key data
  • Alert management on what is working and what is not working, draw business recommendations from data
  • Monitor and alert threats, dangers and opportunities which are presented through key metrics
  • Work with wider IT and web teams to ensure all activities are aligned
  • Produce Real time, Daily and weekly reports with KPI’s, dashboards etc
  • Presentation of key data with related business recommendations to management