Web Analytics Manager Jobs UK (Analytics Manager Job Description)

Web Analytics Managers have a vital role to play in the production and presentation of effective information from the base data.

There are already plenty of analytics tools in the market from free to “paid for” and many are extremely good.  Web Analytics Managers need to be able to use these tools effectively, understanding the capabilities as well as the limitations.

The Web Analytics role needs to be integrated with the business and with the needs of the customers (or users) of the websites and social media sites. A manager of analytics cannot produce the type of information needed to drive key business decisions without being integrated with the team – this in turn dictates many of the skills and experiences an Analytics Manager must bring to this vital role.

The old business maxim of “you can’t manage what you can’t measure” is important to remember – just make sure that your analytics management team is not measuring the wrong things in the first place!

Web Analytics Manager Jobs UK pay rates

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What is the Web Analytics Job Role?

The role will usually include elements of the following:-

  • Preparation of information, from raw data, that is capable of supporting effective decision making
  • Presentation of results, findings, key indicators, trends and other information to internal and external audiences – requiring writing and verbal presentation skills and innovative uses of presentation media
  • Mathematical and statistical analysis that will “stand up to scrutiny” (e.g. are conclusions statistically valid?)
  • Accuracy and attention to detail
  • An ongoing use of tools such as advanced Excel and relational databases (e.g. mysql) as well as popular tools e.g. Google analytics , Omniture etc
  • A genuine interest in self development of skills and knowledge in the discipline of Analytics – with evidence of ongoing reading, networking and research.