Online Community Management Jobs UK

Online Community Management is our collective name for jobs such as Social Media Manager, Online Brand Manager and Facebook / Twitter specialist. On this page Employers can post a job, or anyone can look for one! – and everyone can take part in our Attitude, Skills and Knowledge Survey (no registration required, instant results – help us define this market!)

Online Community Management Jobs UK

What is online community management?  The word “community” has developed an entirely new dimension on the global internet  –  so what are a Community Manager’s responsibilities?

The relentless pace of change and development of social media and other internet tools means that Community Management is a very challenging and exciting position. Defining the community is very important – what it is and where, and how it should be developed.  The major influences on the community e.g. economic, culture, product, as well as the technologies and databases that are to be deployed, should be articulated as far as possible.

Community Managers address the implications on corporate brand/image and individuals will be :-

  • Ambassadors: Balancing their responsibility to the brand/image with customer advocacy.
  • Brand/image monitors: Community managers are often the ultimate “eyes and ears” of online reputation management. Social media monitoring of  Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, blogs, forums, review sites message boards, etc., is often crucial.
  • Brand/image communicators: Using the latest online PR techniques and channels they sit at the heart of corporate communications

Other Job titles typically associated with this Job Family

Social Media Manager Jobs; Facebook, Twitter, Blog Manager Jobs, Online Management;  Public Outreach, VOIP specialist; Brand Evangelist

Attributes, Skills and Competencies

Successful recruitment matches a person’s skills, attributes and competencies with the role – many of these jobs didn’t even exist a few years ago …. We thought it would be useful to collect your views and help shape the market. Complete the survey below to get instant results – no registration required!


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