Affiliate Manager Jobs UK

Job Description example for an Affiliate Manager

Affiliate Marketing often plays a crucial role in sales development and in accessing new customers and markets. Affiliate Manager job descriptions should reflect the fact that although the ability to create strong online relationships, grow sales and build brand is vital, this will not be achieved without consideration of many other factors.

What are the responsibilities of an Affiliate Manager?

  • To encourage affiliates to become great performers by helping them maximise their own profits and incentivise them to deliver more (help with promotion, special offers, and graphics etc)
  • Source new high performing affiliates (those with relevant traffic and mailing lists etc.)
  • Negotiate tailored commercial deals with high performers
  • Analyse affiliate performance, develop key measures and report to senior management on performance
  • Organise events and promotions as well as markets launches, specials offers etc and ensure that Affiliates remain engaged.
  • Work with the major Affiliate Networks to maximise reach
  • To ensure web etiquette is maintained in all communications and that cultural differences are respected.
  • Work closely with all other members of the “web team” to ensure collective efforts remain focussed and in line with objectives. No initiatives in areas such as back link building, affiliate marketing, digital PR etc should be made in isolation.