Copywriting Jobs UK

What is a copywriter?

Copywriters are those talented individuals with the ability to take your message clearly, concisely and powerfully to your target audience. It is a talent that is very much in demand at the moment and for some very good reasons.

In the past a copywriter would be writing the words for an advert in the press or perhaps the contents of a book or newspaper. Copywriting careers have however taken off in new and exciting directions with the growth of the internet.

Copywriters might now also be referred to as blog writers, website writers or SEO text writers. The technical aspects of the internet have meant that the best copywriters have developed styles that can incorporate key words and links whilst keeping a high level of engagement with the reader – a true mix of art and science.

Copywriting Job Salary UK

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Why is website copywriting important?

Image of QuillUnique, rich and engaging content has become the bedrock of most progressive websites, blogs, online technical documents and even corporate Facebook pages. Copywriters tell your story and engage your audience. They pull your audience in and engage them until the job is done – and your key messages are delivered.

All search engines want to deliver valuable and valid results. They will rank results on factors such as – numbers of back links from credible 3rd party websites – length of time users spend on site – original content and so on. Good user reviews and ratings of your material can be very positive and of course poor reviews just the opposite. You want your content to naturally encourage “likes” “comment” and “re-tweets” etc.

In short, there has been a subtle but very important shift in the importance of content. Sites that rely on poor quality rehashes of content from other sites or feeds from 3rd parties are often losing ground and there are some tough challnges ahead – good, original content has a real value and it needs to be invested in. The online copywriter has never been more important.

How do I find a job as a copywriter?

Could I be a copywriter? If you haven’t got any directly relevant experience but do enjoy creative writing and have the ability to convey the key messages lying behind products, brands, ideas or large amounts of information then this could be an ideal career for you.

Copywriting jobs in the UK may be full time however there are contract and part-time positions available as well and perhaps even work from home jobs.

Not everyone can write in this way however for those who enjoy words, ideas, marketing promotion and have a creative dimension to their writing – this could be the ideal career.

For fun, here is a little apptitude exercise for aspiring copywriters:-

…Could you write a short article (say 160 words) selling the virtues of London as a weekend break destination in a small, renovated 3* hotel – –  if these were the key things you had to consider:-

– On  offer are free airport transfers, complementary tickets to a west end matinee and free wi-fi.
– We need website copy and a separate unique version for a 3rd party travel site blog ( to get the SEO benefit of the backlinks)
– Initial  research on popular keywords to be undertaken and included in your text
– Your writing needs to be engaging and you need to identify and sell all the key benefits
– You will be working with a creative designer and must reflect their ideas

Would you enjoy that kind of challenge?

Job Descriptions for Copywriters

Copywriter Job Descriptions have changed as the internet has developed – they might include:-

  • In relatively few words you should be able to capture the essence of a key message(s)  (e.g. brand differentiations, key facts etc.)
  • You can produce wording that complements design and images
  • You will be able to take numerous facts and complexity, identify key messages and turn this into clear text
  • You are able to put yourself “in the readers shoes” and think like them
  • Creating interest and engagement, varying pace and emphasis yet still following a logical process and incorporation of structure and key words
  • You will be able to adapt your style to fit the purpose ( e.g. creation of web page text is usually different in style to social media messaging/conversations)
  • You are comfortable with the technical elements of the job e.g.
    • Anchor text linking
    • Off site and on site optimisation of key wording , messages and links
    • Incorporation of the key relevant tags and core data within your writing