PPC Specialist Jobs UK

Job description content for PPC Specialists

Paying for traffic, as part of internet marketing strategy, has always been a key element in the marketing mix. With the increasing sophistication of tools and techniques available this is an exciting and challenging time for PPC specialists. Techniques such as “behaviours based targeting” and retargeting are only two recent examples of these developments and effective PPC now needs a blend of creative and scientific thought.

PPC Specialist Responsibilities

  • To initiate and control PPC campaigns via various networks – e.g. Bing and Google Adwords
  • Manage paid campaigns on social media networks e.g. Facebook ads platform
  • Investigate the relative effectiveness of PPC, PPV, CPA, Banners, Video adverts across a range of delivery mechanisms
  • Using keyword research –  analyse & test keyword performance over numerous advert campaigns and across networks
  • Analyse and test different graphics and advertising wording
  • Constantly seek out and research new tools and techniques – measuring relevance and their potential effectiveness for the task in hand
  • Work with entire internet team and general marketing management to ensure artwork and branding are in line with agreed standards
  • Design landing pages and test effectivess using split testing and demonstrate improvement over time in response (click through and conversions etc)
  • Ensure quality score on Google Adwords is improving.
  • Develop and maintain KPI measurements and present these to management