PPC Strategist Jobs UK

Job Description ideas for a PPC Strategist

As the internet develops, social networks and search engines are at the forefront of this change. As a result of these developments it is becoming increasingly practical to research your market, identify your target web visitor and deliver your key messages. These developments feed in directly to PPC strategy. The PPC strategist should be making decisions based on real and relevant information. PPC strategy and tactics should be continually refined and deliver increasing success based on the “goundworks” of testing, targeting, measuring and analysing.

PPC Strategist Responsibilities

  • To deliver PPC campaigns via the most relevant and effective networks – based on analysis, monitoring, review and active decision making (all in line with objectives and budget)
  • To fully understand business objectives (e.g. increased profit, email database size, increase sales for key products etc) and be able to translate this into PPC strategy and action plans
  • Report on key performance indicators and present effectively to senior management
  • Research constantly the latest tools and techniques in paid onine marketing (such as advanced “behaviour based” targeting, and retargeting) and form a view on the relevance of these to business objectives
  • Understake smart buying decisions to ensure maximum effect for a given online budget spend
  • Use trending tools and similar approaches as part of an ongoing review of target/key word relevancy
  • Colaborate with other marketing colleagues to ensure joing strategic marketing objectives are in step with paid internet marketing activity
  • Work with Information Technology and Web Development teams to ensure there is technical capability to deliver, capture and ensure success of key aspects – such as landing pages, tracking codes and integration of analytics