As the C-Suite Becomes More Digital CMOs Must Align

Digital business is carving out a bigger and bigger place in the C-Level management. Proven with a quick glance at the backgrounds and titles occupying your own company’s C-Level Team.

superheroIf you need any more confirmation, then Korn Ferry’s Top 15 for 2015: The most in-demand C-level positions for the year ahead is a must read. It lists Chief Innovation Officer, Chief Cyber Security Officer and Chief Digital Officer among the top five most in-demand positions for 2015. Chief Information Officer (CIO) and Chief Technology Officer (CTO) make the list as well.

In other words – data and technology are going to be all of our bosses before long. While the Chief Marketing Officer position is still firmly entrenched in the modern C-Suite, the position is rapidly evolving, and as the C-Suite becomes more digital, so too must the CMO.

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Surprise Board Meeting? Use Google Analytics Reports to get Prepared

prep-timeIt is probably safe to assume that at some point in the working week we (the Digital marketers or Marketing Execs responsible for our organisation’s website and implementation of digital strategy), find ourselves with around 30 minutes to prepare for a management meeting.  All because the meeting organiser has realised that getting an update on the progress of the organisation’s digital strategy is a great idea and if you’ve been in that situation you know that those 30 minutes of preparation fly past.

If you’re already prepared with a broad sense of traffic numbers and the split between organic, direct and referral traffic to the site including top referral sources; the following selection of reports and methods provide a quick and helpful overview of the digital strategy, are free and can be actioned in less than 10 minutes.

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The World of Predictive Analytics

Image of PAW World Conference in Chicago logoAre you going to be in Chicago this June? If so you should stop by the Predictive World Analytics Conference and spend some time learning from some of the top predictive experts and business thought leaders in the industry. The conference runs from June 8th to the 11th at the Hilton Chicago.

If you’re still not sure what Predictive Analytics really is and why you might want to attend the conference read on, and if you’re still with us at the end check out the PAW Con special offer exclusive to Web Analytics World!

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Telling a Story with your Analytics Reports

Most of us are responsible for reading reports on a daily basis, whether it’s a simple timesheet, a complex strategy plan or the results of a multi-tiered marketing campaign. We’re overloaded with documents demanding our attention.

book-cloud4Knowing that our audience is already overloaded, it is important, when we create a report, that our data tell a story. That it provides not only the hard facts, but also the context and the insight our readers need to take action based on the data. This is especially true when compiling web analytics reports that are intended to inform a business’ digital strategy.

Of course, the story you tell will depend on the needs of the audience you are addressing.

The audience determines what data to include and how often to deliver the report. Your audience will vary depending on where you’re working, whether it’s in-house at a large organization, at a small/medium-sized business, or at a digital marketing agency.

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Navigating through the SharePoint Ecosystem

Your SharePoint Journey is well on its way, but let’s not forget that navigating through all the ins and outs of the SharePoint Portal is a feat in its own right.

Now that you have stopped over with your portal visitors and attained a thorough understanding of their characteristics, demographics and interests, it’s time to learn how exactly they’re navigating throughout the portal.

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