Taking the GAIQ: Advice to Help with your Study

Image of Robot with fountain pen writing "Taking the GAIQ" with Google Analytics Qualified badgeLast week I finally got around to taking the GAIQ (Google Analytics Individual Qualification), something which I had committed myself to do at the start of the year so this was as much a personal goal as it was a professional one. In the short period of time I had set aside to study for the exam before actually sitting it, when reading about the qualification I had noticed that many aspects of taking the exam had changed since the start of the year (2014).

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Web Analytics World Readers’ Choice for 2014!

Graphic image of people standing on globeTechnically it hasn’t been quite six months since our last “Best of WAW” post but since then we’ve added new bloggers, been lucky enough to have Google Analytics share out some of our bloggers’ posts and it’s almost a new year!

With this in mind, we thought it was time to re-share your Favourite posts of the entire 2014 year (from January 1st to December 8th inclusive) and also remind you of a few great posts that you may have missed! 

Top 10 Lists for 2014

As always we’ve approached this by looking at our Analytics, Social Metrics stats to see which posts were most viewed and shared on via Social Network Platforms.

If you have a favourite post that taught you something new, offered a different perspective or that you just plain disagreed with, please do let us know in the comments below – we’d love to hear from you! 

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Boardroom Analytics

Cinderella Analysts really can go to the “C-suite”

I believe there is a reason why analysts rarely get invited to sit with the “Chiefs” in what is often referred to as the “C suite” – and that reason is a lack of relevance.

I’m sure that the boardroom executives of all the companies that I have ever worked with would say that they are constantly seeking high quality information – so why is there so often a disconnect between the mountains of data produced and its perceived value?

To all you Cinderella analysts out there, I say that you will be invited into the “C Suite” if you just listen to your Fairy Godmother for a moment. 

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Starting your SharePoint Analytics Journey

Image courtesy of Scott Maxwell via FlickrTake your SharePoint productivity to the next level with analytics. By understanding which reports are available and how to use them properly, your SharePoint stakeholders can guide, track and analyze usage effectively. The long term benefit of utilizing analytics is necessary for the amount of  guessing games around what may be happening in your SharePoint portal. 

This post seeks to guide organizations in understanding both the planning stages of their SharePoint implementation and the reports essential for assisting a successful implementation.  How is this done you ask? Read on!

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Quality Time for the CMO

Do you have children? If so, you know what quality time in general means: although you have a stressful job, some overnight-stays in hotels in foreign cities or night shifts in your office you still can have the best moments for and with your children. Even though you are home less often. Meaning: the less time you can spend on “something” the more quality and focus this time should include.

If you do not have children, I assume you get the point of dealing with the limited resource of “time” in a very efficient manner due to this example as well.

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