How we’re Running our Content Audit in Web Analytics World

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Image courtesy of blickpixel via Pixabay

At the beginning of 2014 we started our Web Analytics World improvement plan and looked to cultivate new and interesting bloggers, focused more on quality versus quantity and in the background began building our content cleanup plan.

Our inspiration springboard for the cleanup was Koozai with their bold move of deleting 900 blog posts and so earlier this summer we started removing old content from our site.

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Cruising through SharePoint with Content Analytic Reports

Image courtesy of Comfreak via Pixabay

Image courtesy of Comfreak via Pixabay

We’ve been cruising along on our SharePoint analytics journey looking at your implementation and optimization of your portal, it’s now time to dive deep into the nitty gritty. That’s right- it’s time to talk about content in SharePoint and why you should care about measuring and optimizing it!

A central tenant for developing a useful and interesting SharePoint portal, is ensuring that there is not just “content”, but quality content. Creating engaging content in the portal, however, is easier said than done and while it’s easy to write about the essential information that must be made available to all users, you often don’t know what other content will speak to your SharePoint users.

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What Google AdWords Data to Include in your Reports

Image of computer screen with "reporting with adwords" text and yellow sun buttonIn 2014, 72% of marketers using Google AdWords said they planned to increase their pay per click (PPC) budgets. With increasing budgets, marketers have a greater responsibility to show results and prove that the ROI justifies the budget. This “proving” of your work is most commonly done through reporting.

Often times, though, marketers have a tough time determining what data to include in their PPC reports. You want to share overall statistics, while also providing more in-depth analysis on the information that your boss or client needs to make informed business decisions. How do you provide the right information, without overwhelming the reader with data they may not understand? Here, we take a look at a few key metrics from Google AdWords that you’ll want to include in a report to best support your PPC efforts.

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Enterprise Analytics Platforms – 2015 Overview

Screenshot of graph showing mobile dataTechnology software here, analytics tools there. It’s hard to get through a jungle of vendors, especially when youdon’t know in detail which requirements and future scope the Analytics or Business Intelligence road map has in your own company.

Luckily there are research companies out there providing an overview; besides the two giants Forrester and Gartner there are a only a handful of additional trustworthy research companies doing well researched studies and overviews. One of them is Third Door Media, now having published their latest Market Intelligence Report about “Enterprise Web Analytics Platforms 2015 – A Marketer`s Guide”.

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How to Create Universal Data Layer for Google Tag Manager

Do you see yourself creating and modifying data layers every time you implement a new tracking via Google Tag Manager?

Flow chart of Tags and data layer relationshipsIf yes then this article is for you. I will show you how to create universal data layers that will save you from adding/editing data layers over and over again for different tracking requirements. 

Let us suppose you are currently using enhanced ecommerce tracking via GTM and now you also want to implement dynamic remarketing via GTM.

Consequently you have to make changes to your data layers. The volume and type of changes that you actually need to make depend upon the CMS and shopping cart you are using as well as your tracking objectives. But you have to make changes.

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