Adobe Analytics: No Need to “Break Down” Thanks to Revamped Calculated Metrics

German, French and English Visits, Internal and External Visits – all in one Report as neat, compact metrics. All this without having to spend a lot of time with tedious breakdowns and segments (and still not getting what you’d really like to). That’s what an Adobe Analytics client needed. The new “Unified Calculated Metrics” now make this possible – something that you can’t do in Google Analytics by the way.

Image of blue gears as stylised brainThe “breakdown” is something so essential to Adobe Analytics that you can hardly do any real analysis without breaking down. Breaking down is sort of a combination of what Google Analytics users know as Drilldowns and adding a second or third dimension to a report. When you break down with Adobe, you break down one dimension by another one, e.g. the Campaign Name by the Device and that by the Browser and that by the Browser Version and that by the Entry Page and so on… You can get as granular as you want and never have to fear sampling like in GA!

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In the Aftermath of Mobilegeddon

Image of mobile and desktop screens with axeApril 21st, as we all know, was when Google’s new Mobile Friendly Updates started adjusting their algorithms to include mobile-friendliness as a ranking factor. It’s been over a month since the update (and the mass panic) so we thought we’d offer up our two cents and share with you the impact these updates had on WAW, in terms of structure and analytics.

As you know, we updated to a mobile responsive theme in April 2014 because we wanted a better user experience for our mobile traffic. We won’t lie – we were also hoping for an increase in mobile traffic. It’s been roughly 6 weeks since Google implemented the algorithm changes so we wanted to see what changes, if any, happened to our mobile search results and traffic.

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Listen to the Voices of your Data for Great Analytics

Image of ear shaped door handleAnalytics come from huge flows of data with mobile adding a new dimension. More data points, more often, accessible faster. New analytic tools are emerging every day to manage this torrent. It is a truism that we suffer from too much information not too little. Business people struggle to extract real benefits from all this, metrics and goals don’t do the job.

Try a different approach. Learn to listen to your data.

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As the C-Suite Becomes More Digital CMOs Must Align

Digital business is carving out a bigger and bigger place in the C-Level management. Proven with a quick glance at the backgrounds and titles occupying your own company’s C-Level Team.

superheroIf you need any more confirmation, then Korn Ferry’s Top 15 for 2015: The most in-demand C-level positions for the year ahead is a must read. It lists Chief Innovation Officer, Chief Cyber Security Officer and Chief Digital Officer among the top five most in-demand positions for 2015. Chief Information Officer (CIO) and Chief Technology Officer (CTO) make the list as well.

In other words – data and technology are going to be all of our bosses before long. While the Chief Marketing Officer position is still firmly entrenched in the modern C-Suite, the position is rapidly evolving, and as the C-Suite becomes more digital, so too must the CMO.

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Surprise Board Meeting? Use Google Analytics Reports to get Prepared

prep-timeIt is probably safe to assume that at some point in the working week we (the Digital marketers or Marketing Execs responsible for our organisation’s website and implementation of digital strategy), find ourselves with around 30 minutes to prepare for a management meeting.  All because the meeting organiser has realised that getting an update on the progress of the organisation’s digital strategy is a great idea and if you’ve been in that situation you know that those 30 minutes of preparation fly past.

If you’re already prepared with a broad sense of traffic numbers and the split between organic, direct and referral traffic to the site including top referral sources; the following selection of reports and methods provide a quick and helpful overview of the digital strategy, are free and can be actioned in less than 10 minutes.

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