Why Google Analytics needs to fix its Sessions

More Users than Sessions? Impossible! 172 Pageviews, but 0 Sessions? Probably an issue with the implementation. Unfortunately, it is the weird way in which Google Analytics, to this day, interprets Sessions, formerly known as Visits.

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I was about to finish the second part of my Comparison of Custom Variables in Adobe, Webtrends and Google Analytics, but now this has to wait a bit. While writing about GA’s Custom Dimensions, I kept stumbling over the one reporting issue (besides sampling) that has been hounding and annoying me for years.

Since this issue is a bit complex, I decided to dedicate an entire article to it. I am talking about the weird Sessions metric in Google Analytics (formerly “Visits”, but with the same deficiencies).

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Thou Shalt Not be Data-Driven

Have you ever thought about the future of your title or position? Are you sure your company is ready for the data-dominated future?

Digital is everywhere and digital will be everywhere and data will be everywhere. And even beyond. The quote of a data-driven company is stressed often through social media or other channels and in daily business. A company has to be data-driven to understand the relation between different channels and actions, even between departments and profit.

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The Importance of Being Mobile

We all knew it was coming, but we didn’t know exactly when. Over the last few weeks we’ve been getting some notifications from Webmaster tools about some of the sites we host:


Of course at this point you may be wondering why we have any sites that aren’t mobile responsive. Some of these sites were older sites, one was a site created by a teacher solely for the use of his students so they could have access to some learning material and one was an example sites we use with clients to teach them about the importance of SEO.

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10 Tips to Improve Your Google Analytics Data Quality

It’s easy, just implement the Google Analytics tracking script on your website, collect some data and start your analysis.

Word cloud pertaining to businesses and analyticsA rough estimate of what I have seen is that 90% of the implementations and configurations go wrong. Not to mention all the assumptions that people make when interpreting their Google Analytics data.

There are different ways to prevent this from happening. In this article I’ve come up with 10 tips to help you along the way and improve the quality of your data.

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So Long Feedburner and Thanks for all the Fish

migrationAfter a long and faithful service we decided from Feedburner that it was time to look for a replacement. Especially as it’s been over a year since Google stopped updating and/or working on Feedburner and we’ve been seeing increasingly wide fluctuations in our subscriber numbers. We’ve been looking at replacement options for a wee while now and finally settled on what we felt was the best choice for us and our audience. 

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