Custom Variables in Google vs. Adobe vs. Webtrends Analytics – Part I

A Visit-based dimension in Webtrends is an eVar in Adobe Analytics, right? And Visits for a Page in Adobe Analytics will yield the same result as Sessions for a Page in Google Analytics, no? Beware of false friends! This article series shows you the nuts and bolts of Custom Variables, holders of your most precious data – by comparing Google, Adobe, and Webtrends Analytics.

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Get ready for 2015’s Predictive Analytics World Conference

How would you like to optimise your business performance by predicatively scoring customers, establishing new opportunities and seeing real examples of how predictive modelling is employed?

Image of Predictive Analytics World badge for 2015 San Francisco conferenceThis year the first Predictive Analytics World Conference will be held in San Francisco from March 29th to April 2nd. You may be asking yourself a few questions while reading this post and the first one is probably: “It’s only just the end of February! Why are you posting this now?”.

Why to give you first dibs at registering for this event … and a great offer for the conference, of course – Our amazing WAW readers get 15% off the price of registration! 

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4 Mistakes Made when Setting up Google Analytics Reports

With over 80 million websites equipped with Google Analytics, you may already have an idea of how simple it is to set up an account. Follow the steps laid out by Google, answer some initial questions and input a tracking code to your website. You can then begin reviewing and analyzing data.

Image of pencil erasing the text "common mistakes"However, over time, as your website begins to grow, problems can arise that lead to inaccurate measurements. Without careful consideration from the get-go, your analytics account could be tracking sessions from the wrong source or irrelevant visits that ultimately skew data. Even if your data is accurate, it may be incomplete. You might not be capturing critical information like AdWords campaign details and goal conversions that are easy to track with a proper setup.

Even if you’re a Google Analytics pro, take some time to consider the following pitfalls and make sure you’re setting up each of your Analytics accounts to accurately measure the right activity.

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Mobile Analytics Guide for Mobile Websites

According to a recent comScore report, mobile usage continues to climb and so will the demand for mobile analytics and analysis of customer behaviors.

Image of mobile devices with the text "Analytics for Mobile Websites 2015"With that being said, I’ve developed this mobile analytics guide to get you started. This mobile analytics guide is specifically focused on the measurement and analysis of mobile websites, not mobile apps. In addition to this mobile analytics guide, I would highly recommend developing a more comprehensive measurement plan across all marketing media to gain a complete picture of your customers.

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