Quality Time for the CMO

Black and white image of father and son on park bench by photographer Mark Nye

Do you have children? If so, you know what quality time in general means: although you have a stressful job, some overnight-stays in hotels in foreign cities or night shifts in your office you still can have the best moments for and with your children. Even though you are home less often. Meaning: the less […]

Crafting an Analytics Report for your Sales Team

Screenshot of Google Analytics Channels

The most important aspect of web analytics is being able to utilize the information you collect to create strategic and actionable next steps for your company. As your firm’s analytics expert, the best way you can help do that is by creating specific reports for the various departments throughout your organization that focus on their […]

Linear Programming using Excel’s ‘Solver’ add-in

In marketing optimisation you are constantly tasked with making the right decision based on a number of known or projected factors, with the end result along the lines of maximising return or total revenue. The process of thought which you will go through (either knowingly or not) is a ‘what-if?’ analysis – weighing up the […]

Tracking Social Stats made easy with Google Analytics

Image of four puzzle pieces; red, green, blue and yellow with "shares, 1+, tweets and likes" text

Our Web Analytics World bloggers are sector specialists so it’s important that we keep everyone up to date with how their posts are performing. To do this we’ve created a couple of Excel workbooks to track activity, both on the blog post in terms of views and on social media shares. After April Wilson’s post […]

Using Analytics to Grow Podcast Audiences

Screenshot of graph results from an A/B test

With the new iOS8, Podcasts are now a standard feature on the new Apple operating system. While there have been a handful of articles showcasing the benefits of podcasting as part of a larger digital marketing strategy, there hasn’t been a lot of focus on the how to use analytics and data to increase audience. […]