Google Tag Manager Best Practices


Google Tag Manager (GTM) is a powerful tool to add and edit measurement tags without much intervention from the IT department. It is also much easier to use than directly hard coding tags on a website.

But creating and managing tags, macros and rules within the GTM still require certain skills. If you are not sure about how to best use the GTM, you may end up with a long list of unmanageable tags, rules and macros in your account or in worst case may end up breaking the website functionality and causing significant financial loss to your client/company.

Following are the best practices for using Google Tag Manager:

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Key Metrics to Measure when Optimizing your App

Collage of words such as; app optimization, measure, metrics and others relating to mobile app optimization and analyticsWith mobile usage ever increasing App stores have literally become flooded with all kinds of Apps. Apps that help you manage your finances, Apps that help you organize your day. The list is endless and the majority of these Apps fail. Some because they do not get enough exposure via App marketing and some because they crash upon launch. However, if your App really stands a chance of making it, it needs to STAND out. [Read more...]

4 Reasons Content Marketing Analysis Drives Killer Strategy

I’ve been contributing to Web Analytics World as a guest blogger for several years now. The team at WAW is kind enough to send us fortnightly reports on how much activity our content has seen in the last two weeks. But as an analyst, I ached to understand how my contributions fit into the larger picture for their content marketing strategy. What makes a good content marketing strategy? Are there topics that always do very well? Formats? Authors? What can I learn about the content I’ve published in the past that will help me grow audience and stay awesome to my loyal readers?

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If only I could see ALL the data … the clowns would not eat me.

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Using Ngrams to Analyse Keyword Performance

If, like me, you’ve spent a large part of your career analysing search engine traffic, you will be constantly looking for new perspectives on your data which will help you gain more understanding and insight (and therefore improve your strategy and results).

For me, mainly focussing on PPC traffic, the common analysis I’ll perform is to look at keyword ‘segments’ – this is simply finding commonalities within keywords and slicing up the data to pick out trends or opportunities presented by looking at keywords in this format.

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