Using Analytics to Grow Podcast Audiences

With the new iOS8, Podcasts are now a standard feature on the new Apple operating system. While there have been a handful of articles showcasing the benefits of podcasting as part of a larger digital marketing strategy, there hasn’t been a lot of focus on the how to use analytics and data to increase audience. Many marketers still don’t know how podcasts extend their reach and grow their brand.

That being said, podcasters enthusiastically rave about their results and their audiences. Naresh Vissa, author of Podcastnomics: The Book of Podcasting… to Make You Millions, believes marketers are on the edge of the inflection point:

“By the end of the year, there will be over half a billion people with the Podcasts app on their iOS device. This number will grow to be close to one billion people by the end of 2015, and that is just on the iOS side. Podcasting is now entering into its true golden age of mass adoption.”

So how do you measure success?

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Efficient & Data Driven B2B Social Media Marketing

I started making a Halloween costume for my daughter in August. Back then, she told me she wanted to be Cinderella. So I immediately went online to find a tutorial on how to sew a Cinderella dress.

Don't wait to close the loop to incorporate data into b2b marketing projects. Photo:

Don’t wait to close the loop to incorporate data into your B2B marketing projects.
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I made custom measurements, picked out supplies at the fabric store, and then cut and sewed the costume. It was a very challenging project but I was happy with the outcome. This costume would grow with my daughter and never fall apart due to how it was constructed. When it was finally ready to try on a month later she immediately took it off and declared that she wanted to be a lionfish-mermaid instead. Despite my toil, my investment in time and money, despite my care to give my daughter exactly what she wanted, what she needed, she was not happy.

Much like B2B marketers must react in real-time these days, three year olds live in the moment. Cinderella was what she wanted in August, but by the time she got it in September her interests had shifted. She is growing at a very fast rate – not just in size, but in her understanding of the world we live in.

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Marketers Can’t Read Your Mind

Word cloud pertaining to businesses and analyticsContent marketing and analysis is an ongoing process of testing and learning to understand what a specific audience segment finds valuable. April Wilson’s recent insightful piece on content marketing analysis using Google Analytics looked at variables such as time on site and bounce rate.

Before we dive into tips for informing the social content analysis process, ask yourself a question:

What good is all your data if the end recipient doesn’t understand what you’re trying to say?

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Three Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Brandwatch

Almost a year ago Web Analytics World published an initial product review of Brandwatch,Brandwatch - Social Media Monitoring a social media monitoring tool. It’s a quick and easy tool that you can use to monitor any brand mentions across forums, blogs, websites, Twitter, and Facebook. If you think about the simplicity of “Google Alerts” but add in a team of people who make sure your search terms are everything they should be, as well as more available data sources – you get Brandwatch.

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Tag, you’re It!

How many tracking tags are on your website?

It’s a common enough occurrence – you build a website and are delighted with it being all new, tidy and shiny and you start to use it. Time passes and you add more functionality to the site, but all too soon you realise that that all the widgets, plugins and content are causing the site to run more and more slowly.

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