Tag, you’re It!

How many tracking tags are on your website?

It’s a common enough occurrence – you build a website and are delighted with it being all new, tidy and shiny and you start to use it. Time passes and you add more functionality to the site, but all too soon you realise that that all the widgets, plugins and content are causing the site to run more and more slowly.

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Think Porsche.

We all admire market leaders. We all believe in the power of emotion. We all have a unique relation to cars (negative or positive) and we all know Porsche.

We all have that one thing we always dream of achieving, that icon of power, wealth and status. For me it’s a Porsche. Who wouldn’t want to drive a Porsche, Lambourghini or Jaguar?  And many people dream of possessing that kind of car, I certainly do. However, buying a Porsche does not make you a better driver.

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Google Tag Manager Best Practices

 Google Tag Manager (GTM) is a powerful tool to add and edit measurement tags without much intervention from the IT department. It is also much easier to use than directly hard coding tags on a website.

But creating and managing tags, macros and rules within the GTM still require certain skills. If you are not sure about how to best use the GTM, you may end up with a long list of unmanageable tags, rules and macros in your account or in worst case may end up breaking the website functionality and causing significant financial loss to your client/company.

Following are the best practices for using Google Tag Manager:

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Key Metrics to Measure when Optimizing your App

Collage of words such as; app optimization, measure, metrics and others relating to mobile app optimization and analyticsWith mobile usage ever increasing App stores have literally become flooded with all kinds of Apps. Apps that help you manage your finances, Apps that help you organize your day. The list is endless and the majority of these Apps fail. Some because they do not get enough exposure via App marketing and some because they crash upon launch. However, if your App really stands a chance of making it, it needs to STAND out. [Read more...]