Most Popular Apps in New Zealand Used by Smartphone Users 2024: Exploring App Trends

The interesting fact is that mobile apps quickly managed to become the main choice of most users. It is not a surprise considering the convenience and other benefits.

Finding some information or using a service is much easier when you can complete the task on your phone instead of using a PC.

That is affecting different industries. For example, having a mobile-friendly website is one of the key features every website must have today. Besides that, mobile apps are a guarantee for perfect user-experience.

When it comes to online gambling, the ability to use an app is the best way to attract more players. Most of the well-known platforms available at also offer both iOS and Android apps.

While digital and social media usage largely mirrors global trends, there are distinct local behaviors. New Zealanders’ interaction with technology and digital platforms reveals unique patterns inherent to the region. The forthcoming article will present insights into these specific trends



Facebook’s ad reach at the start of 2024 was significant, encompassing 56.7% of the total population. Among eligible users (above 13 years), the reach was even higher at 67.5%.

This indicates Facebook’s strong presence in the social landscape. Facebook’s audience comprises 54.4% females and 45.6% males, reflecting a fairly balanced gender distribution.


At the beginning of the year, a particular popular social media platform reported having 2.15 million users. The platform is especially favored by the younger demographic, representing 49.2% of the age group eligible to use the platform.

In terms of gender distribution, the platform shows a slight female predominance, with females constituting 57.2% of its advertising audience.

You Tube

It is not a surprise that there are so many accounts on this platform since we can see the same trend all over the world. The most impressive detail is that nearly 85% of all citizens have an active account. The total number of users is over 4 million. When it comes to other insights, we can notice only a small difference among genres, with women leading with 51.5%.



It has seen a rapid rise in popularity, with 1.65 million users aged 18 and above. The ad reach was 40.8% among adults and 33% of the internet user base, regardless of age.

TikTok is particularly known for its creative content and has become a hub for diverse forms of expression and entertainment.


UberEats continues to be a favored choice for many in New Zealand, evident from the substantial economic impact it has made. The service has added over $162 million to the economy each year, primarily through its operations.

Despite its popularity among consumers, the platform has faced challenges from the perspective of restaurant partners. Many restaurants find it tough to be profitable on UberEats due to high commission rates and operational costs.


Known for its comprehensive food database and flexible diet tracking features, it allows users to log their daily food intake and exercise, making it easier to achieve fitness and dietary goals.

The app’s popularity is bolstered by its user-friendly interface and the ability to connect with other fitness apps and devices, providing a seamless health tracking experience.

Map My Run


This one is especially popular among fitness enthusiasts for tracking running and cycling routes. It offers detailed insights into exercise routines, such as distance, pace, and calories burned.

The app’s GPS tracking feature allows users to map out their routes, which can be saved for future reference or shared with the community.


A lot of people prefer using this service because of its business model which focuses on keeping prices down for customers while providing a fair service to drivers.

The drivers working for Zoomy, Uber, and Ola revealed the commission rates they paid to these companies. Uber took the largest cut of 25%, followed by Ola with 18%, and Zoomy with the lowest at 15%.

However, a significant number of drivers mentioned that they couldn’t rely solely on Zoomy for their income due to its smaller market penetration compared to Uber and Ola.


The annual revenue in 2022 was $284, marking a 44% year-on-year increase. The platform stands out for its unique features, such as allowing users to answer question cards with voice notes, adding an interactive and personal touch to the user experience.

Since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, Hinge has experienced a 47% increase in monthly downloads, indicating its growing appeal among users seeking meaningful connections.

eHarmony NZ


Known for its detailed compatibility test, eHarmony has a significant user base in New Zealand, with features designed to help users deeply understand their matches before initiating contact. It’s popular for those seeking serious, long-term relationships.


This particular music streaming service enjoys widespread popularity in New Zealand, appealing to a broad spectrum of listeners through its extensive variety of musical genres and podcast offerings. Its user base cuts across different age groups, underlining its appeal as a go-to platform for daily entertainment and audio content needs.


Gaining popularity among a younger audience, BeReal has carved out a niche in the realm of social media. It’s especially appealing to users who are looking for a more authentic and less curated social media experience.

The app encourages users to share a photo in real-time once a day, providing a glimpse into their actual lives.

This format has been particularly popular with those seeking a more genuine social media interaction, away from the heavily filtered and edited content prevalent on other platforms, as it prioritizes authenticity over meticulously crafted social media graphics. Click here to make social media graphics free.

Last Words

As you can see, we can see that some trends are quite similar when compared to other countries. On the other side, platforms like BeReal Zoomy, and eHarmony are specific for this country.

Those who are planning to travel there should also learn more about these trends. You will be able to save money by using specific ride-sharing apps, or meet new people with dating platforms popular only in NZ.